The Theory of Life and Death impossibility possible miracle God.

The cosmological argument concludes by reason, philosophy, not faith, that an impossibility possible, a miracle, an uncaused cause, God must exist in order to be existence. If everything needed a creator or was dependent then nothing would exist because there would not be a beginning. The Theory of Life and Death impossibility possible miracle God is an answer to the cosmological argument not based on faith. God is a miraculous lost-for-words-to-describe living entity eternal and mortal, everything and nothing, one and multiple, same and different, finite and infinite, death and life, omniscient and ignorant, omnipotent and impotent, forgiving and unforgiving, love and hate, universe, us. God loves when you love and hate when you hate. We are literally an infinitesimal part inside of infinite God impossibility possible miracle. God is the perfect for being imperfect Game of Life and Death. The Game is over when all life, minds, God die and don’t decide anymore, to become a witness of self for endless time. God is the Mind Healer and whoever lives for God would heal from addiction and other mental health problems.

“I have to be strong, keep my work as a pastry chef making donuts in a factory working nights although suffering from incapacitating depression because the world is horrible and life is wonderful because humanity didn’t understand that death is resurrection impossibility possible miracle God eternal and mortal in infinite time. When we die imperfect ourselves would respond to perfect ourself knowing absolutely everything, perfectly judging and punishing or rewarding with emotions, feelings, dreams, suffering, love, pain , psychology, life. God is the creator with and without creator. I was created by my parents and i always existed because i am an infinitesimal part of infinite God morphing constantly as God is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed because God is existence and no existence impossibility possible miracle God. All is one reality. All is all impossibility possible miracle God. God is predictable and unpredictable impossibility possible miracle God. The future is unpredictable because life knowing the future is death, without free will, possibility of success or failure. Like programmed movement. An God is also predictable because in life like in psychology events and behaviours happen for a reason, according to the natural laws and psychological truths. The truth is addiction is the psychology of a liar. Do you understand the importance of the discovery of the cure to addiction? I can prove my claim collapsing mortality rates when the deception is exposed, the truth known, proving the truth end the lie. Humanity are dying because are not honest, don’t live for impossibility possible miracle God collaborating, giving to take, loving, liking other’s happiness.”

Free will is the capacity to change, control, decide the future impossibility possible miracle God. Death is the incapacity of changing the future. Being unconscious is like being dead.

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