On the nature of addiction

What is psychology? Psychology is the study of the mind, who we are, our thoughts, beliefs, justifications, needs, desires, perceptions, memories, instincts, hopes, emotions, feelings, sensations, dreams, nightmares, reactions, behaviours, experiences and else. Psychology study life, that is unique to all of us, and same, as our mind react the same way to the truth and the lie. We deceive others or are truthful the same way having the same effect on our minds.

Who is a psychologist? A psychologist is a person who changes minds to improve lives. A dishonest psychologist is a charlatan as only the truth, that is life and love, can make a positive impact in the mind and behaviour.

Un psicólogo deshonesto es un fraude, un charlatán, porque solo la verdad puede cambiar la mente, psicología, vida, favorablemente. La mentira es dañina porque es engaño.

Psychiatry is psychology with medicines, that force the patient to change the mind, as drugs are mind altering substances that change who we are. Nobody should be medicated against his or her will, whether they are a danger or not, and in case someone is considered a danger to others because has committed a crime measures should be put in place for the safety of society, and end the psychiatry bullying.

To love is to like happiness and to hate to like unhappiness. To love is to like oneself and to hate to dislike oneself.

Negative states of mind like depression and anxiety are associated with victimhood. Depression is caused by past or present victimhood and anxiety is anticipated future victimhood.

So called mental illnesses are not diseases of the brain, but states of mind, behaviours, feelings, emotions, psychology that communicate, express how life is perceived, understood, wanted. How different common states of mind are manifested are called symptoms.

Envy is wanting the happiness that has been self denied. Addicts are envious because are victims of themselves rejecting the truth that would make them happy and honestly want.

Addiction is the psychology of a liar. Addiction satisfy the need to be a victim, to conceal the hatred, to hurt others. Addicts revenge a childhood hurt revelling against our true loving nature becoming like the parents who hurt them and hate, hating who they become. The bad person in us is the addict.

Addiction, like happiness or unhappiness, is an spectrum, the further from the truth the addict behaves the unhappier he is because being self, not deceiving hurting others is how we honestly would like others to behave towards us.

The nature of addiction, like of mental health, is psychology, the mind. A disease is the malfunctioning of an organ. The brain of an addict functions properly, how is meant to do, and lying, hurting others or self, going against our truthful nature, is reflected in irrational behaviours from a tormented mind. Brain diseases have a biological basis, are characterised by involuntariety and are treated and cured by a neurologist, a doctor, and addiction is voluntary behaviour treated by a psychologist, who help to change the mind, that ultimately would have to be done by the patient.

Solo el mentiroso se engancha y solo el honesto se desengancha. Only liars get hooked and only honesty gets unhooked.

In psychology like in life behaviours and events happen for a reason. Parents of addicts hurt and bring up revengeful children. Liars bring up liars. Liars hate liars. Liars fool liars. Only liars get hooked. Addiction runs in families. Why no parent questioned why his son got addicted and others don’t?

Addiction brings anger, shame, guilt, envy and other feelings and emotions that are caused by voluntary or chosen behaviour. If addiction was a disease it would not cause that psychology.

Humans, like animals, become agressive, irrational, crazy when are hurt. Mental health issues have the origin in a hurt, victimhood.

Addiction recovery is not about stop taking mind altering substances, but about changing the psychology, thinking, understanding of life, behaviour, becoming honest, better person. Addiction recovery is a way of life, a code of conduct treating others truthfully as equals. The cravings for drugs, becoming a victim, stop when the addict transforms the mind, the hell of living a lie into an honest living. The cure to addiction is love, forgiveness, truth, because addiction is hate, revenge, lie.

I have synthesised mental health, psychology, in a dichotomy we all belong to, as nobody is perfect or imperfect absolutely and we can relate to both.

truth, honesty, generosity, selflessness, compersion, courage, strong, wisdom, pride, innocence, empathy, independent, wealth, health, life, heaven, happiness.

lie, dishonesty, meanness, selfishness, envy, cowardice, weak, foolishness, shame, guilt, apathy, need validation, poverty, illness, death, hell, unhappiness.

The truth can be ignored, but not the consequences of ignoring the truth. The lie can be concealed, but not the consequences of lying. Ignoring the truth addiction is the psychology of a liar brings death. Communism can be argued as a loving ideology but the consequences evidence the lie as poverty, misery and else.

Addiction recovery is a journey to the womb, the origin, to becomes an honest, innocent and happy baby, humble because doesn’t understand and at awe with the miracle of life, a wonder beyond comparison, living life by life’s terms, forgiving, without beliefs, prejudices, but knowing the truth, understanding impossibility possible miracle God life death, giving to receive. Is a transformation of the mind, whom the addict liked would be disliked and whom disliked would be liked, and all would be loved because addiction recovery is love for liars, imperfect ourselves, liking happiness.

Self-love is honesty, being self is loving self and others because you are good for God. Love is liking happiness. To love who you don’t like is wanting liars to be honest.

Addicts need validation because they are not themselves, they live behind a mask pretending to be who they are not, deceiving, hurting others, concealing the hatred, needing the character to be approved to maintain the deception coherent.

Addiction is a pursuit of unhappiness, victimhood, attention. Addicts advertise themselves as victims stealing attention hurting others. Attention is being in someone else’s mind and is a primordial need as living unnoticed is like death, like being God in a world of atheists.

Animals get addicted therefore lie, have free will and understanding of psychology, how to deceive and hurt others.

Addiction recovery is open up (reveal who you are, your secrets, foolishness), treat (what are the steps to take to amend what was broken, forgiveness) and heal (time is healing and the mind requires time to transform)

Liars are feared because are aggressive, violent as the lie is protected with intimidation and violence. The lie is not allowed to be questioned as is the case of the disease theory of addiction, religious dogmas and other lies.

Liars blame the solution to perpetuate the problem to offer the problem as the solution. The charity Oxfam blame capitalism to perpetuate poverty and their salaries to offer socialism and hand outs as the solution to the poverty they promote. “Crony capitalism benefits the rich, the people who own and run these corporations, at the expense of the common good and of poverty reduction. It means that smaller businesses struggle to compete and ordinary people end up paying more for goods and services as they face cartels and monopoly power of corporations and those with close connections with government.” https://www-cdn.oxfam.org/s3fs-public/file_attachments/bp-economy-for-99-percent-160117-en.pdf Addicts are imposing, shouters, confident in their ignorance to be right, attention seekers.

Parents of addicts who silence the cure to addiction deserve whatever suffered. God is perfect in imperfection impossibility possible miracle, as in psychology like in life behaviours and events happen for a reason. Addicts become bad people, revenge a childhood hurt for a reason. Addiction runs in families, addicts don’t realise they are addicts because addiction is a lie, foolishness.

The pharmacology of drugs don’t cause addiction, and the different addiction rates associated with different drugs mean that some substances are more prone to be the subject of the cravings and victim role acted out by the addict due to the effects on body and mind.

We highlight what we want others to see. Liars highlight mistakes and silence successes. We celebrate what we want others to repeat. Liars celebrate victimhood, martyrdom, sacrifice and condemn pleasure.

Liars believe their own lies and think they are better persons than they are, victims. Religious people believe their own lies.

Addiction is psychopathy, hurting others to get attention, be in someone else’s mind, control or change the mind of others.

“As I said, I was never an alcoholic, I was more of a binge drinker, where, if I got two days off, I’d literally drink for two days and then dust myself down – eye drops, chewing gum, mouth wash – to go into work and then have to run around a pitch and train. I wasn’t giving the best version of me to my club at times. “I’ve spoken to people. It helped. You let your feelings out. I didn’t do that – I held them in and then it builds up.”…”I wore new boots, with longer studs because I wanted to hurt someone,” he admits. “The studs were legal, but bigger than what I’d normally wear.” A clash with John Terry [rival Chelsea football player] left the latter with a hole in the top of his boot and needing crutches.” https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60311100

Addicts are liars, cheaters with huge ego and low self-stem.

“Both Rooney and wife Colleen speak openly about his well-documented infidelities. “I put myself in a bad place,” says Rooney, “and when there’s alcohol involved, you’re going to make bad decisions and you’re going to have to suffer the consequences. It doesn’t take away any of my love for Colleen.””https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60311100

Addicts are violent, intimidating, and get involved in fights becoming victims.

“Rooney admits in one scene that he “wasn’t the nicest kid” as a teenager. He openly talks about getting involved in a lot of violence. “We used to go up to Southport and fight a lot,” he says at one point, adding: “I’ve come back with my eye all stitched up. I was about 12.” Rooney also describes going to concerts as a young teen and getting involved in trouble afterwards. “I remember I got my jaw snapped in Manchester. I was about 13.”” https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60311100

Every person is half man and half woman, impossibility possible miracle God same different. We have the same senses, touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste, same understanding of life, logic, emotions, fears etc. Women and men share mostly the same psychology (there is for instance difference in how male and female orgasm linked to our different sexual organs) and differ slightly in our biology as most of our bodies and medicine is common. The less rate of drug addiction among women than men is because women are the child-bearers and the cost, or psychological burden for lying would be greater, affecting the possibilities to conceive and the health of the new born, evidencing addiction is calculated behaviour, although addiction can not be controlled and is a current that traps and drags the liar in his own lies to an uncertain destination leading towards death. That’s why, as documented, addicts interrupt drug consumption during pregnancy to relapse afterwards.

Addicts are noisy, to steal attention disrupting peace hurting others.

Parents bring up their children to be like themselves, liars bring up liars because believe their own lies and the fool is not aware of being a fool.

Psychology is thought that is choice that is action. What determines our behaviour and life is our choices, that model our psychology. Choices are conditioned by circumstances and is less likely to become an honest person when being hurt during childhood. We are animals and like animals we become crazy, liars, aggressive, when are hurt.

Psychology is choice and choice is psychology impossibility possible miracle God. Our choices determine our psychology, life, and our life, who we are, determine our choices.

One mind, unique psychology. Our lives are unique and we share a mind that reacts the same way to being truthful or lying.

Depression, anxiety, mood swings, rage bouts (when i am hurt), are a spectrum, a state of mind, psychology, and vary in intensity according to life events and choices. Mental health issues have an underlying cause, i need my theories on addiction, God and money to be known and if i feel i am closer to succeed i feel better, and setbacks worsen my psychology. I suffer from incapacitating depression and severe anxiety and is not a brain disease. Why patients go along with the diagnosis of ‘illness’ or ‘brain disease’ from psychologists and psychiatrists and accept willingly the lie? Because mental health sufferers want to be treated like victims and liars deceive liars.

The dopamine and brain disease of addiction that doesn’t exist is understood by liars (ironic) but the obvious truth that makes sense addiction is the psychology of a liar is not. Liars become dumb to not understand the truth and believe the lie.

How can be understood a lie? the facts expressed by lies don’t exist therefore believing a lie is not knowledge that can manipulate, control, power to change life to a desired outcome, reality.

Si te ama es feliz cuando eres feliz. Solo podemos ser felices amando viviendo libres de intimidación haciendo lo que queremos.

Una característica de la susodicha enfermedad de la adicción es que el adicto niega tenerla, no se da cuenta de sufrirla, porque es un engaño, tontería, y el adicto es víctima de sí mismo para hacer daño a los demás de ese modo ocultando su odio.

Los adictos no participan, dan satisfacción, cooperan, son retraídos en su mundo egoísticamente, son tímidos o extrovertidos, demasiado o insuficiente no siendo sí mismos, roban atención por no ser normales, equilibrados, moderados.

El colectivo de psicólogos ataca al capitalismo y otras formas de libertad como el uso de drogas fomentando los problemas psicológicos que pretenden atajar. El psicólogo que impide nuestra naturaleza libre es un farsante.

Un signo inequívoco de alcoholismo es beber andando por la calle, por ser comportamiento inapropiado. El alcohol se debe beber tranquilo sentado o de fiesta con los amigos de pie en un pub.

La recuperación de la adicción es honestidad, lo que entiende un niño inocente que todavía no ha sido confundido por la religión por ser una buena persona. Coger sin pedir permiso o socialismo, excluir al diferente o nacionalismo es mentir, no tratar al prójimo como quedaríamos que nos tratasen si hubiésemos nacido en sus mismas circunstancias. Cada cual debe proveer por sí mismo de acuerdo a sus necesidades, como si fuésemos diferentes órganos de un mismo cuerpo, sin quitar el fruto del esfuerzo ajeno, porque si se realizó el esfuerzo es porque se necesitó el fruto. Haber nacido con diferentes recursos económicos que otros, así como diferentes capacidades, es ley de vida. En el mercado libre se recibe lo que se da, haciendo vendedor y comprador, capitalista y trabajador, igualmente ricos.

Cuando estaba en ‘active addiction’, porque como dicen la adicción no tiene cura, se puede ser más honesto en recuperación, pero nunca sin mentira, perfecto sin hacer daño porque se sabe todo, no tenía un propósito en la vida que guiase mi pensamiento, actos. Era como un náufrago a la merced de la corriente, vagando sin rumbo. Tener el propósito en la vida de mejorar la vida te saca del pozo.

El suicidio es cobardía, terminar el sufrimiento creando sufrimiento. El suicida vivió una mentira que no tuvo el valor de revelar, es un adicto con secretos.

La eutanasia es valentía, amor, desprendimiento, generosidad, verdad, terminar el sufrimiento, la carga inútil, mejorando la vida de los demás, de uno mismo, que sigue viviendo en Dios, imposibilidad posible milagro, porque pasado es presente y será futuro.

El sueño es realidad. Ver películas de horror antes de dormir provoca pesadillas. Un trauma o mala experiencia sufrida provoca pesadillas que la reviven, como por ejemplo perder un vuelo importante en el aeropuerto después de un esfuerzo extenuante por llegar a tiempo. PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is not a brain disease, but the reaction of the mind to victimhood.

Addiction is an spectrum, detachment from the truth, insanity, delusion, psychopathy, lying, hurting others hurting self concealing the hatred because is foolishness. Addiction is revenge, stealing attention.

El mentiroso no quiere lo que dice que quiere, protesta satisfaciendo la necesidad de ser una víctima infeliz y hacer daño a los demás, deteriorando la vida. La verdad la adicción es la atormentada psicología de un mentiroso despenalizaría el uso de drogas y es silenciada.

Addiction is narcissism, attention stealing, bullying, control, imposition, thinking oneself as special, better or worse than others, arrogance, victimism.

El religioso converso es frecuentemente el drogadicto o mentiroso que llevó una mala vida haciéndose daño a sí mismo y los demás y usa la fe para justificar el cambio de personalidad siendo más honesto, mejor persona, sin tener que admitir que era cómo decidió ser, un tonto.

Prohibirse a uno mismo las drogas que se declara necesitar compulsivamente tomar es una contradicción, un absurdo, una mentira.

If addiction was a brain disease it would not be studied by Psychology. Although affecting the mind or psychology a disease is characterised by lack of decision and psychology by decision. If a lesion in the brain provoked an tick, a neurologist would have to heal the brain to stop the involuntary movement, but if on the other hand a child started to tick after being hurt a psychologist would deal would the underlying issues that triggered the behaviour.

Liars believe fools are victims to justify the behaviour and not understand oneself is a fool, deceiving themselves to deceive others, living the hell without realising, desensitised of emotions.

La adicción es la atormentada psicología de un mentiroso traumatizado. El adicto mintiendo, cayendo en el pozo de la adicción, se autodestruye voluntariamente para hacer daño a los demás y es creído por el mentiroso, mintiendo, para que mantenga el comportamiento que deberá terminar revelando la voluntariedad, el engaño, el odio, la tontería y de ese modo salir del pozo.

El adicto se ríe de la verdad, de sí mismo, porque no es si mismo, honesto.

Addiction recovery is change, metamorphosis, from hate, foolishness to love, wisdom. Parents, children have to change theirs minds. Addicts don’t assume their responsibility and deceive self and others into believing they are victims. Al-anon group for relatives or partners of addicts conveniently believe addiction is a disease so children are victims, that make parents also victims without fault in the upbringing.

‘Surrender’ in the terminology of Alcoholic Anonymous means to stop fighting, revenging a childhood hurt, against your true, honest self, doing what you hate doing foolishly, as lying lead to death. To become humble as it is the realisation of the wrong choices in life and the need to change.

Addiction recovery is tough emotionally because is a journey becoming honest exposing that the addiction behaviour was intentional, a choice, free will, therefore foolishness.

Los padres de los adictos no averiguaron que la adicción es la psicología de un mentiroso porque tendrían que haberse visto a sí mismos como tontos que son como sus hijos, y los mentirosos rechazan la verdad que es amor y vida.

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