The theory of life and death impossibility possible miracle God.

I was catholic as a kid, then became a die-hard atheist when common sense rejected the harmful belief in the existence of a religious God, and now I know God exists. I changed my open mind searching for the truth. The cosmological argument is as irrefutable as a mathematical truth and concludes that God must exists, although it doesn’t describe the nature of the miracle. If everything was created or was dependent there would not be existence because there would not be a beginning. I have written the first theory on God not based on faith ever that gives an answer to the cosmological argument for the existence of God. Whoever lives for God, according to the truth, would not suffer addiction and other mental health problems. I am much alone.

The unpublishable truth that humanity need to know is addiction is the psychology of a liar. Humanity are losing their children and parents because are not honest. Delays means deaths. I have discovered the cure to addiction and i can prove my claim collapsing mortality rates on being the true theory of addiction known and the deception exposed. We live in a horrible world where the truth is silenced because is not liked or shared and i was told that it is the only one we have. Evidence-based humanity that scrutinise meticulously the truth to object and believe the lie without question have confused the tormented psychology of a liar for a brain disease that affects young healthy criminals that revenged a childhood hurt, or trauma, against their parents learning from example becoming victims of themselves so as to conceal the hatred. Addiction runs in families, liars bring up liars. Traumatised parents traumatise their children perpetuating the cycle of addiction. Children hate their parents and viceversa. Psychologists are charlatans that don’t even know what is psychology. If addiction was a brain disease or involuntary behaviour a neurologist or doctor would be needed to heal the malfunctioning brain. The voluntary behaviour makes the hell of addiction. Addiction is the disease that fools don’t realise they have. Addict is the fool that wears invisible clothes that only the fool can not see pretending to be wise while naked. Addicts deceive self and others believing their own and other’s lies to not understand the truth and realise to be the fool. Humanity didn’t realise addiction is a lie because are liars, and fools don’t realise self and others that are like self are fools. Evidence-based humanity believed that talking and listening as psychologists do, or going to AA meetings, or finding faith in Jesus, treated a brain disease. It is harder to convince a fool that to know the truth is better than to be deceived than to deceive him because it is in the nature of addiction that liars reject the truth that is life, love, health, wealth, happiness. The Al-anon support group for relatives and partners of addicts, and other organisations like Alcoholics Anonymous, don’t want to know anything about the discovery of the cure to addiction because liars fool liars.

Parents are not always right, if they were they would all think the same. Religion, beliefs, psychology, is transmitted from parents to children because humanity don’t think for self.

My idea of God is a miraculous perfect living Book of Life and Death that always existed, that writes itself the story chosen by the characters with free will, the history of God eternal and mortal in infinite time, with infinite pages that describe all reality, past present and future. God is the creation and the creator, the book and the writer, impossibility possible miracle. God die when all life die, and there are no more characters to write the story. The book would still exist because God is all that ever was, is, and would be, but without characters all that would happen is determined, certain, a story of how the universe changes according to the natural laws. Hell and heaven is ourselves for eternity til endless death when all life die and God die (cease to decide because there are not characters in the story, although not to exist). God is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed alive or dead. The mind when we die is not destroyed but transformed to become the past of God, that is present and would be future, to know and understand self. I am the same and different person than i was yesterday and would be tomorrow, impossibility possible miracle God. God can not be deceived because know self. All live the same and different God’s Life, my life is your life impossibility possible miracle God. God can do the impossible possible. I could be right or wrong because the truth and lie have no master, God has no master, I am free.

The purpose of life is to keep God alive and happy.

The cosmological argument concludes by reason, philosophy, rational thinking, not by faith, beliefs, that an impossibility possible, miracle, uncaused cause, God that always existed must exist in order to exist existence. If everything needed to be created by a predecessor or was dependent then a beginning would not exist. Religious people argue that God is the creator that was not created, like a miraculous perfect director that creates a perfect movie. I argue that the imperfect movie of life and death is the perfect director impossibility possible miracle God. God is the Game of Life and Death, a lost-for-words-to-describe living entity, Mind, Psychology, Body, Universe, that always existed, perfect for being imperfect, eternal and mortal, omniscient and ignorant, omnipotent and impotent, everything and nothing, love and hate, one and multiple, same and different, impossibility possible miracle. We are literally an infinitesimal part of infinite God. All is one reality, all is all, all is God impossibility possible miracle. The miracle of Life and Death is all that there was, is, and would be. God is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed alive or dead, like a miraculous Lego game of infinite existence and non existence pieces morphing constantly in infinite time. When time started and would end? And what happened and would happen before and after? The mind when we die is not destroyed, but transformed, we keep living in the past of God, that is present and would be future, impossibility possible miracle. I am the same and different person than i was yesterday and would be tomorrow impossibility possible miracle God. There is nothing beyond God, that is everything and nothing impossibility possible miracle. If miraculous Life and Death was created from nothing nothing would be something impossibility possible miracle God that always existed.

Perfection is imperfection impossibility possible miracle God. Life being perfect, omniscient, immortal, eternal, almighty is absolute imperfection, death. There is no success without the possibility of failure, no love without the capacity to hate, no happiness without the existence of unhappiness, no free will or purpose knowing the future, no satisfaction without achievement or improvement, no life without death. The religious God never existed because is death, lie, intimidation, sacrifice (intentional behaviour to decrease wellbeing, making effort for nothing), foolishness, unhappiness.

Would you like to be a perfect character or a religious God in a role playing game? You would not roll the dices because you would achieve automatically what you intended to do, you would not take decisions because you would know the future, you would not play, have fun,live, because you would not be able to die, fail.

The religious eternal heaven and hell are both hell impossibility possible miracle God, because there is no free will, the essence of life, happiness. There is no happiness without unhappiness, decision, life. Hell is the death of God, the end of characters in the perfect for being imperfect movie of life and death, created with and without creator, because all living organisms died and no new mind or life with free will is created, to be the rest of the movie for ever a predictable setting because the director knows the natural laws that rule changes, and only free-will life in the movie is unpredictable. The purpose in life is to keep God alive, first and foremost, happy, without suffering, pain.

God is created and always existed impossibility possible miracle, is creation and creator. I was created by my parents as I didn’t exist before and i always existed because all is one reality, all is all, all is God, God is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed alive or dead, impossibility possible miracle. I am my parents, that are my grandparents, that are everything else impossibility possible miracle God. God is eternal and mortal, the perfect life because life without death is death, impossibility possible miracle.

Transformation is both creation and destruction impossibility possible miracle God. Transformation means something that didn’t exist before is created from the disappearance of a previous state. Like mixing iron and carbon to create steel, steel is created and carbon and iron are destroyed, and still the same matter exists.

We are ourselves for eternity til endless death when all life die and God die. When we die we become the past of God, that is present and would be future, impossibility possible miracle. I am the same and different person than I was yesterday and i would be tomorrow impossibility possible miracle God. When we die we would know ourselves perfectly to judge perfectly impossibility possible miracle God. There is not justice without knowledge, understanding, the truth.

Nothing is non existence. Nothing does not exist because is nothing existed it would be something. Nothing comes from nothing and something can not become nothing according to the law of conservation of matter-energy, whereas matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. ¿Does the law mean that impossibility possible miracle God has had the same matter-energy since eternity transforming? A thought is something and is created because didn’t exist before, like the mind, consciousness. Does the creation of a thought or emotion mean the destruction of something else, therefore transformation?

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