First theory on God not based on faith ever.

To think for oneself means not to need to be told what is the truth by experts to believe it.

I can proof i will die committing suicide, not any other way. Liars don’t listen to other truths because of fear they can contaminate their minds or shake their faith, that the believer consider a virtue to keep unfaltering when tested against the evidence or truth, or because in their arrogance they can not accept to be wrong or think they know enough.

The discovery of the nature of God, our own miraculous nature, is an achievement for psychology, the study of the mind, who we are, as living for the wellbeing of God prevent and treat mental health problems like addiction.

The price to pay for being honest is to be alone, ostracised socially by liars. Liars are popular with liars. How much have parents or children of addicts researched addiction to save their so called loved ones when being told that I can prove addiction is the psychology of a liar by collapsing addiction rates on being the discovery news silence the truth? While corrupted journalists, charlatan psychologists and psychiatrists and hateful humanity look the other way. Addicts are dying while the cure to addiction was discovered many years ago. Liars hate and go with liars providing self with the attention they steal from each other. The truth is stagnated among liars.

I think therefore i exist, therefore i was created or always existed, and the creator was created or always existed, therefore an impossibility possible, a miracle, an uncaused cause, God exists. If i exist i was created or i was not created, therefore i was created or always existed. Creator is precursor, what is necessary in order to bring something into existence. Steel is made mixing iron and carbon so they are creators. Which God i am talking about? I have written the first theory on God not based on faith ever, that once is known would provoke a collapse in mortality rates as evidence of a miracle and the existence of God. Humanity oppose to saving lives. I challenge any atheist or religious person to put down my argumentation. For the friends of the evidence who meticulously scrutinize the truth to object and believe the lie without question I will say that addiction is not a brain disease, addiction is the psychology of a liar. Drugs don’t cause addiction and only liars get hooked and only honesty gets freedom. I will explain my theory, step by step, establishing milestones of agreement. I don’t want my argumentation to be dismissed as a whole for the sake of not conceding “you are right”. Atheists embrace the Big Bang creation theory without question ignoring the elephant in the room, if creation started from an explosion of matter where did the matter come from? Or did the matter always exist?, while asking ‘and who created God?’ when is pointed out that the universe had to be created by a creator. If everything came from something, or existence, or every creator was created, then i would not exist because there would not exist a beginning. I would not exist if my parents didn’t exist and my parents wouldn’t exist if my grandparents didn’t exist, so on so forth eternally. The egg wouldn’t exist without the chicken and the chicken wouldn’t exist without the egg, so on so forth eternally. If to be A needs to exist B and to exist B needs to exist C so on so forth infinitely there would not be existence, because the beginning to exist need another beginning. Therefore in order to be existence there must be miracle that always existed or was created from non existence. If nothingness created something nothingness would be something impossibility possible miracle God, therefore God, everything and nothing, life and death, time, has always existed. Everything is everything else, creation and destruction is transformation. Everything is created from the transformation of the same substance, matter, energy according to the law of conservation of mass-energy. The atoms that are part of me always existed and even if matter was created or destroyed the result would be part of the same transformed God impossibility possible miracle, that is existence and non existence. Cloud is rain, that is food, that is excrement, that is fly that is everything else. I am my parents, that are my grandparents, that are everything else. I am the product of infinite interactions that resulted in me. I was created by my parents and i always existed, impossibility possible miracle God. I was created and i am the creator that always existed and is changing self. My God is not a religious God external to us. The miracolous entity that always existed is life and death, us, the universe, existence and non existence, time. Think of God metaphorically as a miraculous Lego game with existence and non existence pieces morphing constantly with time. Imagine the complexity of creation, the universe, us, the natural laws that rule the order, equilibrium of life and death, was a perfect painting that was alive changing self on an infinite canvas, like a video showing the story of a life. Religious people would argue that the perfect painting had to be created, because every creation need a creator, by a perfect miraculous painter who was not created and always existed called God, and atheists would argue that there is not evidence of the existence of the perfect painter therefore doesn’t exist, and if every creation need a creator why the rule is not applied to the painter? I argue that the painting is the painter, impossibility possible miracle God, the uncaused cause that always existed. Science can not explain the origin of a miracle that was not originated because always existed. We are an infinitesimal part of infinite God. God is one and multiple, same and different, impossibility possible miracle, i am God and i am an infinitesimal part of God, that is also infinite, because an infinitesimal part of infinite is infinite. Time is infinite and finite, impossibility possible miracle God. A day starts and ends, and in infinite time any amount of time is infinitesimal, that is also infinite, same and different. When time started and would end? and before and after then what happened and would happen? God is eternal and mortal, impossibility possible miracle, because has existed forever and even dying would have lived and infinite amount of time. God could be thought metaphorically as a wonder beyond imagination person that always existed, with an eternal and mortal life or mind, an infinite body, and every living organism as an organ within God. God is the perfect life or game, each living organism with free will is a player and when we die we would know how wise or foolish we were as we would know, experience, understand everything, past, present and the not known yet future, impossibility possible miracle God. There are no secrets because God know and understand self impossibility possible miracle. The more we hurt ourselves or others the more foolish or ignorant we are and the more we improve the wellbeing of God the wiser. God is ignorant and know everything impossibility possible miracle, we are born ignorant and learn as life goes on, and we would know everything when we die. Past is present and future, impossibility possible miracle God. Myself yesterday is myself today and would be myself tomorrow, same and different impossibility possible miracle God. Even getting older and changing we are still the same person impossibility possible miracle God. God is a perfect living entity and removes addicts or liars who go against self, hurt others or self, who cheat not honouring or respecting the truth, natural laws, our psychology, who don’t like the game of life and death. God is perfect for being imperfect, impossibility possible miracle. God don’t know the future because living knowing everything, being perfect, is death, like living without will, with a righteous predetermined behaviour, like playing tennis knowing the trajectory before hitting the ball. Death is resurrection impossibility possible miracle God, but being the past of God we would lose the power to transform ourselves. Only the present of God can decide and model the future. We have to live in the present remembering and learning from the successes and failures of the past. The history of God is terrible, with continuous wars, famine, lying, diseases, death because humanity is ignorant of our miraculous nature.

We are who we choose to be.

God is perfect because imperfect, eternal and mortal. We are ourselves for eternity til endless death when all life die. When we die we become the past of God, that is present and future impossibility possible miracle. God get younger as new life is created getting older as time goes on, impossibility possible miracle. As time goes on God get older but as life die and new life is created God get younger impossibility possible miracle. God know and understand self therefore when we die we would experience, know, everything impossibility possible miracle.

Within impossibility possible miracle God nothing (matter) comes from nothing and nothing( matter) goes to nothing , matter and energy, substance, is transformed, neither created nor destroyed. If matter is lost energy is gained. (Quote needed)

I owe my life to my parents and my parents owe their lives to me impossibility possible miracle God one and multiple. We are not born to be slaves of our parents because impossibility possible miracle God is free.

Conscience, life, is created or destroyed, born or die, from the same matter, substance that occupies volume, a baby is created from the same atoms that existed before fecundation, although a new conscious life was created. Where does a thought come from? Is energy transformed or destroyed to create a thought?

Life is autonomous movement, change, action. Conscious life is awareness of being. Not being aware of living is like death, like nails growing in a dead corpse because it is an established or programmed change, without will, decision, feeling.

Un tonto no tolera que lo llamen tonto, la verdad, y un listo quiere saber por qué para dejar de serlo, imposibilidad posible milagro Dios tonto y listo.

Morals come from not doing to others what you wouldn’t want to be done to you. To be treated as an individual, not as a member of a group or nation, that could disagree with your values, philosophy, psychology. Morally right is to do what is beneficial for God

Humanity don’t understand that if i exist i had to be created or always existed, what a tragedy!, therefore i am going to explain the obvious.

The purpose of my existence is to convince you that is important to publish the discovery of the nature of addiction, God and money, to let humanity know that addiction is the psychology of a liar, God is life and death, ourselves for eternity til endless death when all life die impossibility possible miracle, and gold is not money, to save infinite lives and improve humanity’s wellbeing with knowledge. For God’s sake I am telling you that i have discovered the cure to addiction and i can prove my claim collapsing mortality rates when my theory is known.

Imagine the incredible, amazing, lost-for-words-to-describe complexity, diversity of creation, life and death, was a movie, and every living organism with free will a character. Religious people argue that every creation needs a creator to exist, therefore what they consider the perfect movie was created by a miraculous perfect director, almighty, omnipresent, omniscient, inmortal, eternal, loving God. Atheists argue that there is not evidence of the existence of that perfect director, and that the religious God is a bully rather than a loving father, and if everything needs a creator why the rule is not applicable to God. The cosmological argument, by reasoning, concludes that in order to be existence or creation an uncaused cause, a miracle, God, must exist, because if everything needed to be created by a predecessor a beginning would not exist. I argue that the movie is the director, impossibility possible miracle God. The perfect and imperfect movie is the director’s life, psychology, mind, body, impossibility possible miracle God. God is existence and non existence, perfect and imperfect, one and multiple, same and different, eternal and mortal, ignorant and omniscient, impotent and omnipotent, finite and infinite, creation and evolution, life and death, hatred and love, conscious and unconscious, alive and inert, relative and absolute, miracle and natural laws, caused and uncaused, created and no created, past, present, future, universe. Perfection is imperfection impossibility possible miracle God, because life without death is death, a purposeless life, the life of an addict. What do we strive, work, love, live for if we were inmortal, perfect? What joy there is in being knowing everything, not existing merit, accomplishment, success, not having to make an effort to learn, improve ourselves? Life being the religious God is death, absolute imperfection. We are ourselves for eternity til endless death when all life die and the mind is switched off, God die. There are no secrets because God know and understand self. When we die we would know, experience, understand everything impossibility possible miracle God. We would be all the characters, minds, in the perfect and imperfect movie, but being the past of God, that is present and future impossibility possible miracle, we would lose the power to write the script, transform God taking decisions.

Soy un milagro normal y corriente como todos los demás, imposibilidad posible Dios, buscando vida inteligente en el planeta Tierra y solo puedo probar que moriré suicidandome. ¿Puedes pensar por tí mismo o necesitas un experto? ¿Entiendes que la adicción no es una enfermedad del cerebro que afecta a jóvenes sanos?