the nature of addiction, God and money.

The discovery of the nature of addiction, God and money is an achievement for psychology and economics and would bring an honest and peaceful living by the truth and without addiction to the world, as addicts don’t live for God. If you don’t know God you live in a cave squinting to the wall trying to find the light at the end of darkness. Excuse me, please, i would like to talk with you, give you my business card, thank you. Can humanity be intrigued, interested, curious? willing to listen to another truth? My truth is my word is alluring invitation to dialogue in english, español, italiano. I claim i am the greatest psychologist economist ever, discoverer of the nature of addiction, God and money, a hammer to persuade and reconstruct minds, and i can prove the existence of God saving infinite lives. My knowledge is free and my money for whoever wants truth. Why my truths are being censored and not helped? because expose hypocrisy, envy, jealousy, arrogance, deception, ignorance. denied for disagreeing. I have written the first theory on God ever not based on faith. I am the first person in history to declare we are all the same psychologically and people who hurt others become addicts mainly because after being hurt during childhood rebel against our true loving nature. I have discovered our voluntary behaviour as currently antisocial behaviours are thought to be involuntary, brain diseases.

God is a living entity, an ubiquitous organism that is alive and we all are part of, everything and nothing created with and without creator, from non existence and existence, an impossibility possible because exist eternal and mortal in time with and without begin and end, a miracle. When time started? and before then what happened? God by definition is not possible to understand as is a miracle, an impossibility possible because is real. God is chef, pie, ingredients, cooking, eating, digesting, excreting and else. God is a mind, a life all is part of, is the mind healer as the knowledge of our nature brings honesty to our behaviour keeping the mind healthy as liars hurt self. The nature of God defies logic and science as any creation has to have a creator that has to be created. The question what created God? can not be answered.“impossibility possible miracle God” means an impossibility is possible, is a miracle, is God.

Being honest i discovered you are i impossibility possible miracle God. God is everything and nothing; eternal and mortal; alive and inert; finite and infinite; creation evolution; static dynamic; one multiple; same different; constant change; animal plant mineral; universe; number; certain uncertain; predictable unpredictable; conscious unconscious; day night; dream nightmare; fiction reality; foolishness wisdom; perfect imperfect; superior inferior; pain pleasure; sadness joy; explicit implicit; order disorder; illness health; wealth poverty; knowledge ignorance; male female; lie truth; life death; hatred love; hope desperation; slavery freedom; intimidation persuasion; in out; there here; point line circle; else; impossibility possible miracle created with without creator, with without begin end in time past, present, future; from the will to live, love, care, matter; from union, love.

Hell and heaven is ourselves for eternity til endless death when all life die. There are no secrets as God can not be deceived because know and understand self. God has no master. The truth and the lie has no master. Truth is life and lie is death. Truth is love and lie is hate. If is good for life is good for God. All life live the same different God’s life. First to die knows and experiences everything and nothing impossibility possible miracle God before. God love and hate when you do. Every person is half man and half woman same different impossibility possible miracle God. Our natural right to life translates in our duty to protect impossibility possible miracle God living honest understanding self. Death is resurrection impossibility possible miracle God eternal mortal. Perfect God preserve self ending life for deterioration or punishing addicts who revenge against self. When we die we become the past of God that is present and future impossibility possible miracle. The natural laws are how God function. Happiness and unhappiness is what matters to God as all life is everybody else’s life past present and future. The future of God depends on all living organisms as God is alive as long as there is life.

The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted from one form of energy to another. Nothing is created nor destroyed, only transforms, as everything stays in everything and nothing impossibility possible miracle God.

Time is finite because ends and infinite because any amount of time in infinite time with and without begin and end is infinite impossibility possible miracle God. A day is finite after 24 hours and infinite in infinite time because infinitesimal, the closest possible to 0, and infinite is the same and different impossibility possible miracle God.

God is eternal because in time with and without begin, impossibility possible miracle, everything and nothing last forever, and mortal because in time with and without end when all life die God die as the mind is switched off.

God is finite because everything ends somewhere and infinite because after everything there is nothing that is also God impossibility possible miracle.

God is predictable as our behaviour goes according to our psychology and unpredictable because we have free will to choose and change. an addict can change his or her psychology and predictable behaviour to become a better person in recovery.

God is certain as function according to natural laws and uncertain because by definition is an impossibility possible, a miracle impossible to understand. we know that according to Newton’s law of universal gravitation dropped objects fell but we can not be certain that in the future would fall because the future is uncertain as an impossibility is possible.

God is superior to ourselves as all is part of the whole, one, and inferior as the part is the whole for other parts of God, multiple.

God is perfect because imperfect impossibility possible miracle. Life being perfect, omniscient, infallible, would be death, like a sequence of already known events. Life without death would be death as there would not be a purpose to life for. Perfect God preserve self eternally young ending not valuable life due to deterioration due to old age and illness and punishing liars that go against self with death as mortality rate of addicts indicates.

God is same and different regardless of quantity as any amount is infinite and infinitesimal, the closest possible to 0, in infinite God. We all are the same and different wise and fool, it is what it is, acceptance.

God is creation with and without creator in time with and without begin and end, an impossibility possible because is real, a miracle, and evolution as God is constant change and children are different to their parents and unique as we acquire genetic information from both unique male and female.

God is perfect justice as the sin, hurting ourselves, others, same different impossibility possible miracle God, carries the penance as we are ourselves for eternity til endless death when all die.

The nature of God coincides with our mind or nature, what we understand for love and hate and brings understanding to our feelings, emotions, fantasies, instincts, sexuality, psychology. New life is created through the voluntary loving union of male and female to keep God eternal until endless death when all die. Having children is important for our psychology because impossibility possible miracle God is reborn perpetuating self. The nature of God explains why we relate to the feelings and emotions of other animals that are like us. We suffer when others suffer because they are us (except liars that go against their true nature). Our true honest loving nature is in all of us when we are born, before we lose our innocence because we are hurt, or taught to lie and hurt others by our parents. Is not nationalism, communism, religion taught and learnt? has not been humanity conquered and being conquered along history killing impossibility possible miracle God when we could have lived peacefully? Life would be better for everybody if parents taught their children truthfully we are miracles instead of lying to innocent creatures to intimidate to scare with eternal torture in hell and put children down telling we are dust, as christians do, or slaves of a master, as muslims do.

If the truth and the lie has no master and everybody can be right and wrong how do we know who is right according to reality? The truth is life and the lie is death. If a bridge is built with the wrong calculations it would fall.

healthy is beautiful although dishonest people are uglier than honest people as the mind affects the body and viceversa. we are all same different beautiful animals regardless of attractiveness, infinitesimal infinite, it is what it is, acceptance.

The knowledge of the nature of God brings humbleness and acceptance to our lives as regardless of how much we know or achieve it would only be infinitesimal, the closest possible to 0, in infinite God that science would never be able to explain the origin. Only when we die we would know ourselves to understand impossibility possible miracle God.

We must protect the environment as life has not been found anywhere else and our divine immortality depends on maintaining planet earth habitable.

Euthanasia is helping to end life that suffers and is not valuable for God therefore is good for life. We are all the same different impossibility possible miracle God and the suffering of others is everybody else’s past present and future suffering.

Addiction is not a brain disease as is overcome changing the mind, a psychology that is common to all addicts (addicts don’t forgive or open up, are envious, arrogant and have other common psychological traits ), without medication unless to help with the physical withdrawal symptoms. The brain of an addict functions the way is meant to do and lying, hating, going against our true nature, affects the mind in all of us the same way. Our unique psychology is the product of our life experiences and decisions. That addiction is the psychology of a liar means that our mind reacts the same way, that we are the same in mind as well as body. Psychologists and psychiatrists disingenuously consider states of mind and behaviours like depression, anxiety, mood swings, addiction and else brain diseases that are undetectable by any biological means and that common sense tells that a delicate and vital organ like a brain with one or multiple brain diseases untreated medically would at least produce discomfort if not death.

Addiction is living death as harmful as the deviation from the truth, burning the bridges crossed. Addicts hurt themselves to revenge a childhood hurt, so as to conceal the hatred, living a shameful, guilty life that damage the mind and reflects on body. An addict is what is commonly called a bad person, the demographic group with the highest rate of addiction are criminals, and there is in all of us a liar and an honest person and the ratio determines how beneficial and damaging we are for God.

Dash, whose parents also suffered with drug addictions, went on to say she had recently celebrated five years of being sober. “The greatest blessing is that not only have I been able to be honest with myself and become a better person,” she said.

for God’s sake, I am telling you that addiction is a lie. does not matter that addicts are dying trapped in a hell? I have discovered who gets hooked to drugs and else and how to prevent and cure addiction. Liars are addicts and honesty is salvation. why i am not understood? Addict is the fool that rebels against the hand that feeds him, the fool that think is clever because deceive fools, himself. Addiction is secrecy, a life badly lived for doing wrong.

Addiction comes from trauma, a hurt that the addict decides to revenge. The trauma of addiction is children who revenge against their parents learning from them as the psychology of addicts and their parents share commonalities.

drugs are mind altering substances that hook the addict into escaping the person who hates as living a lie is hell.

“I guess the fundamental question that came forward for me was how did i get here? I mean, from where i started to, what I’ve have experienced, where i’ve been, like how did i get here? i lost me. i think the thing if i had to look back I would say i blinded myself and i lost myself” addicts are blinded and lost by hate. “I made up about that that i wasn’t wanted or that i don’t deserve to be here” addiction is self deception. “i don’t have an off switch, i don’t have the thing that says this is enough” addiction is greediness, meanness, too much, too little. – Demi Moore.

mental health is measured in sociability, translated in employability. the fundamental social unit for survival is the family. addiction is called family brain disease of arrogance, selfishness, self-centeredness, entitlement, and else. does addiction look like a brain disease, involuntary behaviour, demographically, biologically and otherwise? mens corpore sano in corpore mens sana impossibility possible miracle God. mind and body are same different impossibility possible miracle God as the mind affects the body and viceversa. higher in the addiction well is the best place to be. who lies last lies worst. in the land of fools the wise is king. the truth pulls and the lie pushes. the lie rejects the truth. lie between lies go unnoticed.

the World Health Organisation is using public money to lie to humanity as addiction is not a brain disease but the tormented psychology of a liar. don’t you find odd that addicts fight tooth and nail to ban the drugs they claim not to have control over to take the medicine contaminated, expensive, unavailable and risky? addicts don’t live for life but for victimhood.

you are under threat, how many times have you said publicly “no mafia sell drugs on a free market”? addiction is not who i am, pretending behind the mask, live a lie, seeking attention, to do what your honest you don’t want to do, quitting to lose, hiding to show off foolishness, obsession, cycles of failure trying an impossibility, hurting yourself and others.

money is promise of giving for having received, debt, number representing utility, created to sell to buy and destroyed paying off the debt (the issuer creates money to buy and is accepted as payment for a future commodity). I know humanity don’t understand money because otherwise governments and else would not be investing and protecting gold, that is a mineral, that primarily is used for decoration and has multiple alternatives as is not particularly beautiful, and satisfies a non essential need for humans, rendering it useless inside a vault. Basically the cost of protecting gold is higher that the value of gold itself, that has no value as long as it is not used for a purpose. And because humanity is putting their savings in banks functioning with the fractional banking system that creates ‘printed money’ confusing wealth, that is good and services, with a number. And because cryptocurrencies are not redeemable for a commodity and therefore are not money.

What would be the effect for the economy of burning notes of money? The economy would be equally rich because destroying paper does not affect the good and services society have. money is a number that represents wealth and entitle the owner to buy from the issuer to pay off the debt. Because money is debt the beneficiary would be the issuer of the money as would not have to redeem the notes for anything valuable. Being the same amount of good and services with less money to pay for them would bring prices down to sell them all creating deflation, increasing the purchasing power of money. If the prices were not altered goods and services for the value of the money destroyed would be unsold.

What would be the effect of counterfeiting money, or printing money? The economy would be equally rich because creating paper does not affect the good and services society have. Because money is debt the issuer would be stolen as would have to redeem the notes for something valuable. Being more money for the same good and services would bring the prices up creating inflation and decreasing the purchasing power of money, otherwise there would be shortage of good and services (more people willing to pay at the price on sale than product available)

Basically the only way to stimulate the economy is working creating good and services, usefulness. Money is a number that represents resources and indicates who can buy and how much, and creating money that is not redeemable for production is stealing as is getting something for nothing.

The fractional banking system is based on money creation as is thought that putting money in circulation stimulates the economy when only creates inflation redistributing wealth, that is production.

Being everything equal the amount of money in circulation only indicates the purchasing power of the unit of money. Being everything the same an economy with 1 million dollars in circulation would be equally wealthy as with 2 millions, only that 1 dollar would buy half, as the prices would be double.

The currency standard is what is redeemable for the money issued, therefore all the prices establish a standard. If for argument sake 1 dollar can buy a loaf of bread then all the other prices go accordingly and are also standard.

i work for freedom, free speech, and explore the limits of acceptable meaning or intimidation, aggression, that scare, hurt God because not truthful, honest. self-defence is hurting impossibility possible miracle God to protect life. what is the purpose of life without death? what do you strive for?

a muslim woman answer “right” to “every person is half man half woman same different impossibility possible miracle God.

“Give orphans their property, do not replace [their] good things with bad, and do not consume their property along with your own—a great sin. 3If you fear that you will not deal fairly with orphan girls,c you may marry whichever [other]d women seem good to you, two, three, or four. If you fear that you cannot be equitable [to them], then marry only one, or your slave(s):e that is more likely to make you avoid bias. 4Give women their bridal gift upon marriage, though if they are happy to give up some of it for you, you may enjoy it with a clear conscience.” -The Qur’an (kindle edition)

“Concerning your children, God commands you that a son should have the equivalent share of two daughters. If there are only daughters, more than two should share two-thirds of the inheritance, if one, she should have half.” -The Qur’an (kindle edition)

religious fundamentalists are willing to kill and die for a lie when not standing by their truth on asking why are you religious? religion is as tolerant as death punishment for non believers and as merciful as cutting off the right hand of thieves for petty thefts. eye for eye and tooth for tooth and putting the other cheek is mutual hatred. i say love is the opposite to revenge, death, sacrifice, martyrdom, victimhood. is it possible to confuse hatred for love? is impossible and real impossibility possible miracle God. brainwashing, repetition, intimidation is a controlling technique.

Allah, Jesus Christ and else was ambiguous and what is meant to be love some interpret as hate. what is love? what is hate? is Islam according to your definition of love and hate “love for all hatred for none”? i challenge any muslim to answer my questions and stand by their religion. can perfection, infallibility, truth be ambiguous? if you can not stand by your god what are you doing? be muslim with muslim and christian with christian. could you be dedicating your life worshiping a liar? the truth has no master.

by Abby Ohlheiser. december 10, 2013. Atheists living in 13 countries risk being condemned to death, just for their beliefs (or non-belief) according to a new, comprehensive report from the International Humanist and Ethical Union out on Tuesday. All 13 countries identified by the study are Muslim majority. The countries that impose these penalties are Afghanistan, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. With the exception of Pakistan, those countries all allow for capital punishment against apostasy, i.e., the renunciation of a particular religion. Pakistan, meanwhile, imposes the death penalty for blasphemy, which can obviously include disbelief in God.

by AssociatedPress. Sun 24 Oct 2010. Iranian authorities have amputated the hand of a convicted thief in front of other prisoners, in a possible step towards restoring the punishment to common use and carrying it out in public, state radio reported today.. Cutting off the hands of thieves – allowed under the Iranian judiciary’s strict reading of sharia law – has been rare in Iran in recent years, but the amputation was the second this month. A week ago, a jf es udge ordered the same punishment I’ll I’m ok for a man who stole from a sweet shop, though he can still appeal against that ruling.

religious people live intimidated fearing a revengeful god. muslims are intimidated and feared slaves to enslave impossibility possible miracle God eternal mortal, as death penalty awaits who dares to abandon the belief that hate is love. all knowing parents threaten their children: if you don’t believe your oppressor for your sacrifice, unhappiness, would reward you with eternal happiness i promise i will kill you, because i love you, for rebelling against all merciful, all forgiving, all caring, all truthful, all perfect Allah as Islam is “love for all hatred for none”. religion command under eternal tortured death threat an unnatural role, behaviour, to believers who arrogantly worship a liar, self, in the hope to escape the self fulfilling valley of tears prophecy to eternal happiness. religion command under maximum punishment after death in hell, and death threat before death, sacrifice, promising for the unhappy servitude maximum happiness in heaven. would you accept to be treated like your god treats you by anyone else?

“Islam is an Arabic word meaning “submission” and in the religious context means “submission to the will of God”. “Islam” is derived from the Arabic word “sal’m” which literally means peace.”

“In Islamic literature, apostasy is called irtidād or ridda; an apostate is called murtadd, which literally means ‘one who turns back’ from Islam. Someone born to a Muslim parent, or who has previously converted to Islam, becomes a murtadd if he or she verbally denies any principle of belief prescribed by Quran or a Hadith, deviates from approved Islamic belief (ilhad), or if he or she commits an action such as treating a copy of the Qurʾan with disrespect. A person born to a Muslim parent who later rejects Islam is called a murtad fitri, and a person who converted to Islam and later rejects the religion is called a murtad milli. Many Muslims consider the Islamic law on apostasy and the punishment for it to be one of the immutable laws under Islam. It is a hudud crime, which means it is a crime against God, and the punishment has been fixed by God. The punishment for apostasy includes state enforced annulment of his or her marriage, seizure of the person’s children and property with automatic assignment to guardians and heirs, and death for the apostate.”

“The Saudi religious police had gotten word of Ahmad Al-Shamri’s tweets and went to his door sometime in 2014. He was accused of using social media to say disparaging things about Islam and the prophet Muhammad, according to activists. The charge: apostasy, a crime punishable by death. But activists with Human Rights Watch say Al-Shamri probably was mentally unstable. The biggest sign was the crime he was accused of: He was tweeting such thoughts in a country where public statements such as that could mean a death sentence. Al-Shamri pleaded insanity, saying that he has a mental disorder and that he was drunk, high and in an altered mental state when he made the comments, said Hala Dosari, who is on the advisory board of Human Rights Watch, which investigates human rights abuses. Dosari has been trying to get information about Al-Shamri’s case since 2014. She told The Washington Post that his trial focused heavily on Koranic law and little on any mitigating mental illness. As a result, Al-Shamri has been sentenced to death for being an atheist.”

gold is ostentation, the price of vanity. the gold bubble is going to crash as greedy speculators that buy to sell, without adding value, lose their money. gold is a mineral, not money, that humanity is extremely protecting rendering it useless inside a vault. money is a means of exchange, a number representing value, debt, stored conveniently (easy to transport, durable and else as coins, notes, bank accounts, etcetera) created to buy to be destroyed paying off the debt, and accepted as payment voluntarily, if the issuer is trustworthy,  for goods and services that grants the owner the right to buy from the issuer.

price is the amount of money, value, accepted as payment for a commodity.

Economics is the study of the production, distribution and consumption of scarce resources by society. Economics is psychology because regardless of economic constraints more is bought at a cheaper price because for the same effort, money, more is acquired. Capitalism is free market without constraints, the voluntary exchange of good and services at equal price and different value for buyer and seller, benefitting both, otherwise the exchange wouldn’t take place, allocating resources where are most needed, where are paid the most for them to maximise utility, happiness. Capitalism is equal treatment, that is justice, the more is given the more is received, regardless of distinctions, and whoever discriminates for non economic reasons pay the price, making the production more costly than the competitors, and the free market tend to remove inefficiency as consumers buy at the best price. Communism is equal result, that is injustice, as take the fruit of the effort to give it away without compensation.

externality in economics is a cost or benefit for a third party who did not agree to it. (the pollution generated by factories is a cost paid by everybody since we all live on planet earth. everybody benefits from having a police force independently of paying for it) externalidades son leñador talando, el carpintero haciendo y cliente quejándose ‘oye, que el bosque también es mío’ o policía cogiendo ladrones y el robado quejándose ’oye, que el ladrón también te roba a tí’. to curtail or tackle the externalities the government may tax to compensate for the cost to others or charge to whoever benefits from the production.

precio indica el dinero, valor, esfuerzo, aceptado por la mercancía entregada, establecido en relación a otros precios, para su venta al pagador que más lo quiere, valora, al beneficio más alto. inflación es la subida general de precios producida por el incremento de dinero en circulación o reducción de mercancía en venta. deflación es la reducción general de precios producida por el incremento de mercancía en venta o reducción de dinero en circulación. cuanto más valor tiene la producción más dinero se crea para su entrega al vendedor que comprará al emisor saldando la deuda siendo el dinero destruido. no es listo robar dinero porque es un número que no tiene utilidad si no es aceptado como pago. el oro es un mineral y un billete es papel. dinero es la promesa de pago representada por el medio de intercambio. se disuade de robos reemplazando el dinero robado que no será aceptado (con los datos del emisor y cómo identificarlo). gobierno es imposición porque teniendo la potestad de imprimir dinero cuando lo necesitase debería ser impuesta su aceptación sabiendo que solo gastan. el sistema bancario fraccionario se basa en la creación, puesta en circulación, impresión, de dinero cada vez que se presta sin ser respaldado por producción redistribuyendo la riqueza y alterando el equilibrio del mercado con alzadas (inflación) y bajadas, deflacción, de precios cuando la deuda es saldada. bancos están autorizados a prestar las reservas manteniendo una fracción quebrando cuando se reclama más dinero del disponible. con un monto de reserva de 1% se sostiene que el sistema tiene un 99% de probabilidades de quiebra o victimidad bajo condiciones cambiantes. prestar es vender dinero por dinero a un beneficio, interés, proporcional al riesgo de impago y coste de oportunidad, incertidumbre, que incrementa con la lejanía del tiempo de vencimiento. the value of a currency is the purchasing power, what can be exchanged for. wealth is a mindset. as brick is the coolest material wearing brick jewellery is wealthier than wearing gold, as brings the maximum of utility or happiness. i changed my mind, psychology, life, same different impossibility possible miracle God, the coolest, cheapest, wisest jewellery ever created is a pair of cherries hanging from a n ear. humanity are extremely protecting a yellow, beautiful, bright, durable, electric-conductor mineral useless inside a vault, and they think they are better. the free market self regulate in equilibrium, without cycles of inflation or deflation, issuing money as needed according to the value on sale; money means production. economics is common sense, the government can not stimulate the economy because don’t work, produce, only spends your money where you don’t want to, otherwise you would not have to be forced by fear of punishment, intimidation, to give away your effort. british people, humanity, same different impossibility possible miracle God, stole the archeology from Egypt to bring with effort and risk historical art, to the British Museum in London to pay for the maintenance. what difference make to humanity to travel to Egypt where the psychology of the ancient civilisation can be better understood closer to the context where wonder was created or travel to elsewhere? and they think they are better. pensión es recibir en la vejez por haber dado en la juventud; es la promesa de recibir de jóvenes que no recibieron y recibirán; ayudar a los mayores, uno mismo, imposibilidad posible milagro Dios.

Until January 2012, banks had to hold a minimum of 2% of certain liabilities, mainly customers’ deposits, at their national central bank. Since then, this ratio has been lowered to 1%. The total reserve requirements for euro area banks stand at around 113 billion euro (beginning of 2016).

Article 6. Calculation of minimum reserves 1. Minimum reserves held by institutions pursuant to Article 3 shall be calculated using the following reserve ratios for each of the liabilities of the reserve base referred to in Article 5: (a) a reserve ratio of 0 % shall apply to the following categories referred to in Part 2 of Annex II to Regulation (EU) 2021/379 (ECB/2021/2): (i) deposits which fulfil one of the following conditions: — have an agreed maturity over two years; — are redeemable at notice over two years; — are repurchase agreements (repos); (ii)debt securities issued with an original maturity over two years;(b)a reserve ratio of 1 % on all other liabilities included in the reserve base.

el salario mínimo limita la capacidad de trabajo aumentando el coste de producción y precio provocando una reducción de la demanda oferta hasta encontrar el mercado otro equilibrio a otro precio superior al inicial acorde con la producción; trabajos; operdidos. los más perjudicados son las compañías con mayor coste por tener más trabajadores en la franja baja de salario. cryptomonedas son números sin ninguna mercancía, utilidad, valor redimible por lo pagado por ellas.

“Hackers have stolen some $600m (£433mo) in what appears to be one the largest cryptocurrency heists ever. Blockchain site Poly Network said hackers had exploited a vulnerability in its system and taken thousands of digital tokens such as Ether. In a letter posted on Twitter, it urged the thieves to “establish communication and return the hacked assets”. Hours after the hack, the attacker started returning the funds – first in small amounts and then in millions. They started sending back small transfers totalling a few dollars to the online wallets controlled by Poly – but then began making much larger deposits, totalling hundreds of millions. In scale, the hack is on par with huge recent breaches at exchanges such as Coincheck and Mt Gox.”

i am not perfect, better or worse but same different impossibility possible miracle God. different to everybody else. nationalism excludes difference wanting others to be as wanted judging virtue as affiliation to the group. el único derecho natural es el deber de proteger, preservar, cuidar, amar a uno mismo, prójimo, igual, diferente, imposibilidad posible milagro Dios. Dios provee a sí mismo con esfuerzo, trabajo, creando riqueza. what is life about if ‘why are you nationalist?’ cannot be answered because nobody stand by their truth?

black lives matter is a criminal; terrorist; thuggish; organisation because think a person is black or otherwise. can a question defeat humanity because nobody stands by their truth impossibility possible miracle God? why do you support Black Lives Matter?

democracia está fundada en la psicología de la igualdad teniendo todas las verdades igual poder de decisión humildemente admitiendo que la verdad y mentira no tiene amo siendo todos los ciudadanos indistinguibles de otro, anónimos, protegidos de represalias, venganza, odio agresión, intimidación, favoreciendo la persuasión, paz, amor, que confiere poder para transformar siendo mayoría.

salí del infierno de creerme especial imposibilidad posible milagro Dios en recuperación. tengo nada hecho y todo por hacer imposibilidad posible milagro Dios. y si muero? soy útil a Dios. mi vida fué robar y es reclamar atención imposibilidad posible milagro Dios perfecto imperfecto; cierto incierto; eterno mortal; todo nada; vivo inerte; realidad ficción; sueño pesadilla; finito infinito; superior inferior; igual diferente; cambio constante; creación evolución; universo; animal vegetal mineral; alterno continuo; gradual escalonado; predecible impredecible; muerte vida; dolor placer; tristeza alegría; cuerpo mente; consciente inconsciente; mentira verdad; esclavitud libertad; persuasión imposición; conocimiento ignorancia; creado sin con creador con sin comienzo final en tiempo pasado presente futuro de la voluntad de vivir amar cuidar importar. cielo e infierno es el nosotros mismos por la eternidad hasta la muerte definitiva cuando todo muera. no hay secretos porque Dios conoce lo y entiende a sí mismo. Dios ama y odia cuando tú lo haces. verdad es vida y mentira es muerte. Dios no tiene amo. si es bueno para la vida es bueno para Dios. somos animales igual de bonitos feos independiente de atractivo; infinitesimal infinito; es lo que es; aceptación. Dios es perfecto porque es imperfecto. la perfección es muerte; secuencia sin incertidumbre por infalible; conocedora; entendedora; capaz. ganar la partida con aces y resto sabiendo dónde botará la pelota independiente de las condiciones atmosféricas conocidas. Dios es una imposibilidad posible milagro y la certeza absoluta no existe, es sabido que debido a la ley de la gravedad un objeto siempre cayó pero no se sabe si cadrá en el futuro, y una verdad matemática es inmutable por definición. verdad y mentira pueden cambiar y no. Dios es eterno independiente del tiempo vivido por ser creado con sin creador en tiempo sin con principio; y mortal cuando todo muera en tiempo sin con fin. el pasado de un adicto en recuperación es para recordar humilde.

mentira la mentira mentira la verdad imposibilidad posible milagro Dios. todo es mentira en este mundo todo es verdad la mentira imposibilidad posible milagro Dios. negado una oportunidad. to talk more politeness is needed. humanity demand standards that don’t have impossibility possible miracle God.

insanity is being rejected by deceived parents who believe drugs cause a brain disease and are losing their addicted children while shouting against the narcos “why do you poison with contaminated expensive unavailable risky drugs innocent victims?” with the approval of those who claim to have no control over the medicine, mindfulness, pleasure, joy, wellbeing, happiness, same different impossibility possible miracle God. what are the benefits of drug prohibition?

the purpose of life is to live creating, protecting self; everything nothing; alive inert; same different; impossibility possible miracle God; being honest happy. in God’s life only not only happiness and unhappiness matter.

fire arms create intimidation, threat. how many mass shootings have been perpetrated by civilians and armed forces? how many massacres or crime have been aborted or deterred being the adult population armed? life is as easy as oneself impossibility possible miracle God. easy to say difficult to do.

no government is best government means i know my needs and how i want to satisfy my life better than else. if communists humanity same different impossibility possible miracle God don’t know what is money how do you pretend to organise my life? el comunismo es materialista, egoísta, envidioso buscando la satisfacción en igualar el resultado del esfuerzo redistribuyendo la riqueza, quitando sin dar, bajo pena de castigo, intimidación.

media humanity, same different impossibility possible miracle God, give attention when wanted not when claimed. la vida es trabajar para jugar amando, manteniendo el juego eterno, imposibilidad posible milagro Dios mortal. con lo que tienes haces lo que puedes.

sexo es placer fruto de semilla creada de unión por amor germinando en vida, imposibilidad posible milagro Dios uno múltiple.

participation in competition is effort therefore victory, as only can be done what is possible impossibility possible miracle God. there is no joy in cheating or sadness in losing. since there is always a winner and a loser why sadness? what is actually lost losing? nothing. knowledge is acquired about the capabilities of the competitors that entertain the spectators. “The devastation of the defeat by Lopez was evident. Whittaker was crying on the podium after receiving his medal, before stuffing the silver into his pocket. “Ben Whittaker says he doesn’t want to look like a ‘spoiled brat’ after winning silver” “You don’t win silver, you lose gold. I’m very disappointed – I feel like a failure,” he said. “You’re in this game to win gold. I don’t want to feel like this again. I’m going to put this to the back of my mind. I’ll come back, trust me.”” . satisfaction comes from self, effort, work; and insatisfaction from injustice, absence of recognition, credit, reward; giving without receiving, being taken advantage of, being lied to. cheating is losing regardless of untruthful result. forth is to bronze what silver is to gold. last is first impossibility possible miracle God one multiple. failure and success is determined by effort, happiness. humanity rewards gold as if silver was not as valuable as yellow bright beautiful durable electric-conductor mineral. para disuadir a tramposos

competition is participation, entertainment, enjoyment, sharing, improving, learning the capabilities. without effort there is no victory, happiness, as love is doing for others self same different impossibility possible miracle God.

Conscious is will, voluntariety, controllable, undetermined. Unconscious is involuntariety, uncontrollable, determined. unconsciousness is involuntariety determined by consciousness. Behaviour is conditioned by circumstances, not determined. We eat when we are hungry although is possible to starve self to death.

there is no such a thing as a free sin as God suffer psychologically with every hurt and adoring a liar is shameful. sinners are judged by sin, not face. punishment is eternal until sinner repents. all God’s commandments are summarised in one truth to obey: the broken cookie is eaten always because is same different impossibility possible miracle God.

the truth addiction is a lie is a way of life, how to be happy, wealthy, healthy living honest by “you are like me”. the truth God is everything nothing impossibility possible miracle gives clarity to how we have to behave by “you are i”.

i live and die for God because death for deterioration is life for alive and dead impossibility possible miracle God eternal mortal.

Since i made my first discovery of the nature of addiction i have been trying to get attention to myself to reveal to the world my truth and i just achieved to get my social media accounts suspended (Twitter(5), Facebook(3), Parler(1), LinkedIn(1)) that i hope would not be destroyed because they document the transformative journey of my mind from a person deep in addiction to recovery, a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions, from rage to shame, that ended in depression as i now fear failure and that all my writing could end up in oblivion. What the discoverer of the nature of addiction, God and money writes is world heritage because helps understand an extraordinary mind. I am still looking for recognition for my work that would improve the lives of humanity with knowledge. I have been trying to get attention to myself to have a voice to be denied once and again ignored, silenced, censored. What is more important than knowing addiction is the psychology of a liar to prevent and cure the suffering of families? i have contacted al-anon, the organisation that offer support to families affected by addiction, to be told on the phone that they are not interested in knowing about the nature of addiction. Defies belief the victimism and apathy of parents that not just don’t understand addiction can not be a brain disease, but didn’t research to try to find a solution to their children’s affliction. What is more important than knowing God is us living eternally til endless death when all die to live honest without fear of death? I have contacted religious leaders with an immovable closed mind impossible to reason with as faith is tested by believing irrationally. What is more important than knowing money is not gold, but debt representing wealth to avoid economic crisis? i have tried to contact with economists to explain my take on money and the fractional banking system without success. I don’t want to die in poverty forgotten after having done so much for humanity.