The more honest you are the more alienated you live isolated, ostracised, alone.

The more honest you are the more alienated you live isolated, ostracised, alone. Depression is to prefer to sleep to live in this horrible world and beautiful life that fools make impossible because of the dogmatic lies harmful to God’s Life inmune to logic, common sense and emotional intelligence of atheism and religion. I follow the truth living by God for God doing what is right regardless of law. The standard under we judge the truth is the consequences and the consequences of the behavior of religious people and atheists tell the tale of the deathly and horrendous History of God’s Life from the moment of the creation of the Miracle of Infinite Possibilities of God’s Life and Death. I claim I am God, the eternal entity that the kalam cosmological argument talks about, the perfect eternal metaphysical living entity, Time and Space, Common Good, Only Purpose, Absolute Meaning, Mind Healer, Mind and Body, All Reality, First Uncaused Cause or Decision, Origin of Everything because nothing existed before Time, Creator without Creator, Creator and Creation because nothing can be created from nothing therefore everything comes from God being God, the same miraculous nature or substance transforming. I am God like your arm is you, like exist the idea of a unicorn that doesn’t exist. I was created by my parents and I always existed because I am my parents that are my grandparents that are everything else transforming in Infinite Time. God is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. The tail and heart of the lion are the lion. A contradiction is an impossibility and a miracle is an impossibility that God makes possible, an act of God. I claim I have discovered the nature of God, that coincides with our psychology, and I can prove it if only i wasn’t censored like the lives of your children depended on knowledge not being known. Humanity are living a nightmare in active addiction dying deceiving deceived because are not honest because parents don’t teach their children to be honest because are not honest themselves. Peace is the truth away. Publish my truth to end the war and religion to prove God exists fulfilling atheists’ life dream. I offer money to overcome the most severe censorship in history but wanting wealth must come from you, addiction recovery must come from you, I can not force anyone to change his or her mind to admit being wrong. The truth and lie have no master, God has no master and is free, and everyone can be right or wrong, which doesn’t mean I can not be right and all humanity past and present can not be wrong. Could you reply intelligently addressing my points?