On God

The debate between atheists and religious people is stagnated because God exists and the religious god doesn’t, and both are wrong having arguments to be right.

God is the name that has been given to the eternal entity from which everything is originated. God must be alive because from something that is inert, without movement or change, nothing else is created, let alone life, therefore God is not just simply matter and energy; God is also consciousness, mind, life.

The nature of God coincides with our nature, mind, life, and explain our psychology, feelings and emotions, when we lie or are truthful, love or hate, sickness, why is important for us to have children, etc.

The existence of God is as irrefutable as a mathematical truth. If everything needed to be created or dependent nothing would exist, therefore God exists. I have written the first theory on God based on logic, rational thinking, philosophy that i predict would end atheism and religion to bring wellbeing to all collapsing mortality rates. I exist therefore i was created or always existed and the creator was created or always existed, therefore God exists because i exist. I was created or always existed means my existence is finite or infinite. “Created”means that needs a predecessor as the son is created by the parents and without parents there would be no son. I would not exist if my parents didn’t exist and my parents wouldn’t exist if my grandparents didn’t exist, so on so forth in an infinite regression without beginning of existence, so in order to be existence there must exist an eternal entity that is not created or dependent. The kalam cosmological argument concludes by reason that it is impossible to exist existence without the existence of an impossibility possible, miracle, creator without creator, origin of everything because nothing existed before, God eternal in infinite time. I was created by my parents and i always existed because I am my parents that are my grandparents that are everything else impossibility possible miracle God. Cloud is rain that is food that is excrement that is fly that is everything else because nothing is created nor destroyed, only transformed according to the law of conservation of mass and energy. God is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed alive or dead, when all life die and God become the perfect omniscient religious god without decision, learning, success or failure, to become for eternity a memory of who all were, a determined succession of changes according to the natural laws, like growing nails in a corpse.

Would there be movement without life, or would the universe end up in an endless motionless equilibrium?

Existence is non existence impossibility possible miracle God. In order to exist existence and non existence there must exist God. Nothing comes from nothing or goes to nothing because nothingness doesn’t exist unless is something, impossibility possible God.

Perfection is imperfection impossibility possible miracle God. Perfection is the absence of imperfection and imperfection is the absence of perfection. There is not life without death because life is the absence of death. There is not existence without the absence of existence, without God that is everything and nothing impossibility possible miracle. Existence is asserted with the absence of existence.

God is perfect for being imperfect, for being mortal and not knowing the future, for suffering pain and unhappiness, for being alive. The religious god is dead because is perfect, without decision, learning, success or failure, like a perfect character in a role playing game that wouldn’t roll the dices because would achieve automatically whatever is intended to do and would not take decisions because knows everything, even the future.

Nothing is created nor destroyed, only transformed, because God is existence and non existence and if existence was destroyed and went to non existence it would still be God, like a miraculous game of Life and Death with infinite existence and non existence pieces morphing constantly in time creating new life and dying according to the natural laws, psychological truths and free will. There can be with the same matter and energy more or less life because consciousness is created out of nothing because nothing is something impossibility possible miracle God.

God is the perfect living entity because life who go against self, lie, revenge, cheat in the miraculous game of life and death, are discarded, evidenced by the high mortality rates of liars, suffering the hell of addiction in life and death, when we would know, experience, understand everything to judge ourselves with perfect justice to be rewarded or punished with psychology for eternity being the past of God, that is present and would be future, i am the same and different person than i was yesterday and I would be tomorrow impossibility possible miracle God.

Being honest is to know what you know. To know is to understand to change reality to a desired result. Knowledge is power, the capacity to transform.

How would be the world if everybody were, thought, like you?

Bad deeds are redeemed with good deeds as every deed counts for our eternal hell and heaven in God’s eternal life. There is not such a thing as a free sin and when we die we would be rewarded or punished with psychology judging ourselves with perfect justice, perfect knowledge, as we would know, experience and understand everything, God’s Life, Ourself, all reality. An addict can humble himself and admit that addiction is the psychology of a liar, foolishness, hate, to make amends with the past. One of the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to recover from addiction is to make amends, rectify the wrongdoing perpetrated in active addiction.

Religious hell and heaven is infinitely unfair, like passing or failing and exam, an all or nothing reward or punishment, omitting the infinite spectrum of consequences of different behaviours. Absolute hell is the punishment for christians who killed one person or one dozen persons, like absolute heaven is the reward for muslims who prayed 5 times a day or only 4.

God is infinite and finite impossibility possible miracle. A segment is a finite part (with beginning and end) of a infinite line (without beginning and end), that is also infinite because any fraction of infinite is infinite. Between any two numbers there are infinite numbers. A day starts and ends and is infinite in infinite time with infinite luminosities, temperatures, humidities and else. After finite everything ends there is infinite nothing, that is also God because there is not existence without the absence of existence.

God is irrefutable and refutable impossibility possible miracle. The logical argument for the existence of God is as irrefutable as a mathematical truth because if everything needed to be created or be dependent nothing would exist, and refutable because mathematicians can be wrong. Did any mathematician ever demonstrate wrongly a mathematical truth?

God is truth and lie impossibility possible miracle. There is not truth without lie.

God is perfect because in life like in psychology events and behaviours happen for a reason. God is the only impossibility possible, the only miracle impossible to understand because always existed, therefore is possible to discover the truth, making the miracle of Life and Death fair and not arbitrary or capricious.

Our life is a present to all, since all would know, experience, understand all impossibility possible miracle God. Our life comes from God and goes to God impossibility possible miracle. Life and death is a cycle where beginning is end impossibility miracle God. The children of the miraculous infinite eternal mother are born, live and die to come back to the origin impossibility possible miracle God.

I have discovered the nature of God. Religious people are worshiping a liar and atheists are denying arrogantly the obvious truth that an entity superior to ourselves exist. Hell and heaven is ourselves for eternity til endless death when all life die and God die because there is no will, failure or success, happiness or unhappiness, life or death, and everything becomes a uniform perfect, omniscient, inmortal nothingness. If you read the truth you would lose your faith and know God exist impossibility possible miracle God. Are you interested?

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