First theory on God not based on faith ever

I can prove i have discovered the nature of God. When my theory is known religion and atheism would end and mortality rates would collapse as an evidence of a miracle and the existence of God. Addicts deceive self and others, impossibility possible miracle God, one and multiple, whole and parts, same and different. We are an infinitesimal part of infinite God. Death is resurrection impossibility possible miracle God. When we die the mind is not destroyed, only transformed, to know, understand, experience ourselves, the creator with and without creator, perfectly, living in the past of God, that is present and would be future, impossibility possible miracle, until all life die and God die endlessly in infinite time, the Mind, Life is switched off. My idea of God is an eternal, because always existed, and mortal, because life without death is death, absolute imperfection, transforming Mind, Life, Psychology, Body, Universe, composed of existence and non existence. God is the miraculous perfect Game of Life and Death. Would you be interested in the message “Jesus loves you” or any other religious message heard infinite times before? If all the harmful nonsense that is written in religious texts didn’t convince you that religion is a lie the consequences of the behaviour of religious people should. I have written the first theory on God not based on faith ever that gives an answer to the necessary impossibility possible, miracle, uncaused cause, God, that the cosmological argument by reason, not by faith, concludes must exist. It is impossible to be existence without the existence of an impossibility possible, a miracle, an uncaused cause, God that always existed. If everything had to be created or be dependent then nothing would exist, because there would not be a beginning. God is the perfect for being imperfect Game of Life and Death, Director and movie, Creator and creation, Role Playing Game Master and players, Whole and parts, Mind healer and minds, miraculous Lego Game of infinite existence and non existence pieces morphing constantly in time. We are literally inside the miraculous God that always existed, the perfect Mind that register everything, every trajectory, feeling, emotion, change, temperature with perfect accuracy. The Mind that does not forget because knows and understand perfectly self. When we die our mind become the past of God, that is present and would be future,impossibility possible miracle, and we would know everything, we would respond to ourselves for what we have done to ourselves for the survival of the miracle of life and death. God is perfect and imperfect, mortal and eternal, ignorant and omniscient, because life being perfect, knowing everything, without death, is death without a purpose, aim, success or failure because if there is no possibility of failure there is no success. Being perfect is absolute imperfection, death. God would die when all life die and the Mind is switched off. Hell and heaven is ourselves for eternity til endless death when all life die.

When the last of God’s present minds is switched off no new minds, life, would be created and the movie would end as there would be no characters to create another characters. Trees could still be growing and rain could be pouring, but without free will, an unpredictable future, life would be death, knowing everything the future, all the changes, would be predictable according to the laws of nature. we would be eternally dead alive with our infinite regrets, guilt, shame, for not having been able to keep ourselves, God, alive. It is the mind what is life, unpredictability, free will, decision, the rest is predicted changes according to the natural laws.

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