Humanity are living a lie, dying deceiving deceived

Do you understand the importance of the discovery of the cure to addiction or do you need an explanation?

The maximum degree of control of a society is when the population are being explained they are being deceived and they don’t care; because the controller is the controlled, the deceived is the deceiver, the liar is lying to others and himself. Humanity is a cult of liars lying to each other, trapped in their own lie, without the courage to escape to save their own lives. It is harder to convince a fool that to know the truth is better than to be deceived than to deceive him. The truth is stagnated among liars.

Humanity are living a lie, dying deceiving deceived because are not honest because parents don’t teach their children to be honest because are not honest themselves. The moment you believe you are wiser than you really are you fall victim. Addiction is the tormented psychology of an unforgiving liar and the truth matters because the truth that is wisdom ends the lie that is foolishness. Knowledge is power to transform to a desired result. Knowledge on psychology grants the power to heal the mind. Addiction recovery is easy and difficult, impossibility possible miracle God, easy to say and difficult to do. To recover from hell you just have to tell your secrets, foolishness, confess to humanity, past present and future, reveal who you truly are to end the identity deception standing by your truth that stand strong against the lie. It is difficult because requires humbleness, honesty, to be a good person as is understood by an innocent child that has not been indoctrinated, that is repetition and intimidation, by their parents into religion, nationalism, socialism, nazism, holocaust, death, lie, addiction. Addicts go to AA meetings to tell their secrets while lying to themselves and others saying they suffer from a brain disease. How convenient is for parents of addicts to believe addiction is a brain disease that affects young healthy criminals to exempt themselves from any responsibility for their children’s upbringing? Did parents of addicts ever question why my son got addicted but my neighbour’s son didn’t? In life like in psychology events and behaviours happen for a reason and families who suffer addiction dislike the truth that saves infinite lives that they don’t share. The war on drugs is extremely costly socially and economically while addicts are victims of themselves. To understand only wanting to understand is required.

Addicts stop taking drugs when they get pregnant, or suffer health issues provoked by the consumption, or have kids and other life events. How the prevalent belief that addiction is a brain disease fits with this reality? Addiction is a behaviour, and like any other behaviour is conditioned by consequences, and an addict who gets pregnant would consider the harm to the unborn child as the motivation to stop taking drugs; however drug consumption is just a manifestation of a psychology and addiction would not end until the addict change the mind and become honest to end the hell of pretending to be someone else. Unless the psychology of the addict is changed the cravings, or need for attention or victimhood, would not end.

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