I am impossibility possible miracle God

Humanity think they know enough believing they know everything not understanding anything, impossibility possible miracle God. To understand only waiting to understand is required.

I am impossibility possible miracle God and i can prove my existence doing the miracle of ending religion and atheism collapsing mortality rates and improving wellbeing for all when the unpublishable truth is published. We live in a horrible world where the truth is not liked or shared and I was told it is the only one we have, so i keep trying. Should not be enough to tell a journalist, or anyone else for that matter, that i have discovered the nature of addiction, God and money becoming the greatest psychologist and economist of all time and that i can prove the veracity of my claims to get some attention, instead of being ignored, rejected, ridiculed and else? I am a recovering addict that understood the human mind better than anyone else before, that we all have a mind that is affected the same way by our choices of lying or being truthful and life events, that we are the same in body and also mind. I discovered an eternity ago that addiction is the tormented psychology of an unforgiving liar and i have been trying since to get my knowledge to be known to save infinite lives without success because charlatan psychologists are not interested in psychology, journalists in news and humanity in life. In my addiction recovery journey from hell to heaven, lie to truth, unhappiness to happiness, pretending to be who I am not to being authentic, foolishness to wisdom, hate to love, following the truth my understanding of reality got clearer and i discovered that God is the perfect living entity all is part of impossibility possible miracle, and later on that money is transferable debt, the promise of giving value for value.

You can deceive other fools but you can’t deceive yourself, and that is what happens to addicts who live the hell of living a lie. Hate make people fools and love is wisdom.

I am alone socially ostracised by liars paying the price for being honest in a imbecile humanity who don’t understand the importance of the greatest discoveries of all time.

The only common denominator of all addicts from any social background and any other distinction is that they are notorious liars.

Humanity are dying deceived deceiving living a nightmare in active addiction because are not honest because parents don’t teach their children to be honest because are not honest themselves, perpetuating the cycle of addiction that runs in families as psychologies are transmitted from parents to children, that are also parents impossibility possible miracle God. The tragedy of addiction is children who revenge a childhood hurt, or trauma, against their parents learning from example becoming victims of themselves so as to conceal the hatred to hurt others, advertising themselves as victims stealing attention. Addiction is lie, hate, too much or too little, pretending to be someone you are not, contradiction, doing and liking what you genuinely dislike, acting out a character, foolishness, attention seeking, victimism, arrogance, believing oneself is special and not like everybody else.

We are all addicts, imperfect, liars, and in all of us there is dishonesty and honesty and the rate determines how beneficial and harmful we are for God. Addicts relate to each other because they have the same psychology, same thinking, understanding of life, beliefs, emotions, etc.

Addicts are weak, prompted to be offended or hurt, to retaliate and hurt others justifying the aggression.

Addiction is the disease that fools don’t realise they suffer. All biological diseases are characterised by discomfort or pain that signal that there is a malfunctioning organ, unlike addiction that is characterised by the addict’s denial of his self-destructive, irrational, foolish behaviour. Addict is the fool that is unaware of being a fool ,while believing he is clever because deceive others deceiving self.

Addiction is revenge, eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth and put the other cheek that is mutual hatred, because putting the other cheek the victim hurts the aggressor that carries in his psychological baggage the hurt as guilt, shame and else.

Addiction is a pursuit of unhappiness, victimhood, to cause unhappiness, victimhood. A happy person is not dangerous because hurting others cause unhappiness.

We are like we want others, the world, to be. How we are is how much we love our parents. Addict gamblers play to lose.

Parents who dislike and reject the truth suffer from addiction themselves and their children. Honesty is being a good person as is understood by an innocent child, before is indoctrinated into religion, nationalism or socialism.

The pharmacology of drugs doesn’t cause addiction, and some substances are more suitable to be used self destructively than others and be blamed for the addict’s behaviour due to the effects caused. What addiction is the psychology of a liar means is if drugs or gambling machines didn’t exist addiction would still exist because deception, lying, pretending to be someone you are not, foolishness would still exist.

Liars fool, hate, hurt liars. The bullied and the bully are both liars. Liars go with liars. The addict and addict’s partner are both liars and hate each other providing stealing each other with attention, and both have an unresolved childhood trauma.

The greatest achievement in anyone’s life is to recover from addiction, to live for God protecting life honouring the truth.

How come evidence based humanity believe without doubt that addiction is a brain disease that has never been found that affects young healthy criminals?

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