If everything needed a father nothing would exist.

If everything needed a father nothing would exist. If everything needed to be created or be dependent nothing would exist. Logic, rational thinking, philosophy, is as irrefutable as a mathematical truth. I exist therefore i was created or always existed and the creator was created or always existed, therefore God exists. I was created or always existed means my existence is finite or infinite. The kalam cosmological argument concludes by reason that it is impossible to exist existence without the existence of an impossibility possible, miracle, creator without creator, first uncaused cause, origin of everything because nothing existed before, God eternal in infinite time. The debate between religious people and atheists is encysted because both are wrong and right impossibility possible miracle God, because God exists as certain as i exist and I didn’t create the creation and the religious god doesn’t exist because absolute perfection is absolute imperfection, death without life, lie. Would you agree that “I think therefore i exist” is a truthful statement or it can not be proven that i exist because it is a “metaphysical/a priori argument”? (as an atheist put it). Atheists are the friends of the evidence that scrutinise meticulously the obvious truth to object and believe without question absurd lies like addiction is a brain disease. For God’s sake, for your children and parents’s sake, wake up humanity, addiction is the tormented psychology of an unforgiving liar, only liars get hooked and only honesty gets freedom. Atheists are the science, expert, authority believers that don’t understand that if everything needed to be created nothing would exist, therefore God exists, but they explain in detail the quantum physics of how the universe was originated billions of years ago out of nothingness. It is impossible to reason with a person who is not willing to accept anything it is said that disagrees with him could be right.

How is it possible that with all atheists in the world scrutinising meticulously the statements for evidence no one discovered that addiction is not a brain disease that HAS NEVER BEEN FOUND that affects young healthy criminals? Addiction is the psychology of a liar and the discovery is being silenced by atheists.

Time was not created because always existed therefore is God.

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