kalam argument

An irrefutable truth, an refutable because mathematicians are also wrong, is God exist impossibility possible miracle because i was created by my parents and i always existed. God is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed alive or dead morphing constantly in infinite time. The mind is not destroyed when we die, only transform to become the past of God to know, experience, understand self, all reality, that is present and is future, impossibility possible miracle God. I am the same and different person than i was yesterday and I would be tomorrow impossibility possible miracle God. Death is resurrection impossibility possible miracle God to know how foolish or wise we were living in the present of God. The irrefutable as a mathematical truth Kalam cosmological argument for the existence of God concludes that an impossibility possible, a miracle, the first uncaused cause , an entity that always existed, God, must exist in order for existence to exist. Religions give an answer to the nature of God according to the revealed truth and i describe the nature of God according to reason, philosophy. Science can not explain the origin of what has not been originated because always existed impossibility possible miracle God. God is creator an creation, we are literally an infinitesimal part of infinite God, like a neurone in a perfect brain.

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