God is the Mind Healer impossibility possible miracle.

God is the Mind Healer impossibility possible miracle because is truth and lie, success and failure, addiction recovery and addiction, perfection and imperfection, happiness and unhappiness. God is the perfect living entity that can do an impossibility possible because i exist. The irrefutable as a mathematical truth Kalam cosmological argument concludes that it is impossible to exist existence without the existence of an impossibility possible, miracle, first cause uncaused, God that always existed and mortal in infinite time because life without death is death, like a perfect character in the role playing Game of Life and Death, without rolling the dices and taking decisions because there is not failure and learning. God is perfect because can be improved and worsened limitless to happiness or death. If everything needed a creator or was dependent nothing, or the absence of everything, would exist, therefore the first uncaused cause called God exists. Do you understand the mental effort that is needed to want to know the truth to see yourself as a fool? The theory of Life and Death impossibility possible miracle God not based on faith deserves to be known and have a change to be discussed because would save infinite lives and the truth and lie have no master, God has no master, i am free. I claim I am the greatest psychologist and economist ever for discovering the nature of addiction, God and money that would bring happiness to humanity with the knowledge of the truth. Death is resurrection impossibility possible miracle God to become the past of God to know, understand, experience self, that is present and future, impossibility possible miracle. I am the same and different person than i was yesterday and I would be tomorrow impossibility possible miracle God. All is one reality, all is all, God is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed alive or dead. The mind is created by the union, love of male and female and never destroyed, only transformed. There is no such a thing as a free sin because God is perfect justice, hell and heaven is ourselves for eternity til endless death when all life die and God die. Whoever lives by God, according to the truth, without secrets, forgiving, giving to take, living life by life’s terms, knowing all live the same and different God’s Life, would not suffer from addiction and other mental health problems.
Do you understand my concept of God?Angry. Addiction is the psychology of a liar! Crying. Do you need more explanations?

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