Debate with an atheist and religious person.

As a psychologist i offer an understanding of reality with a perfect God that is perfect justice with perfect knowledge and without religion. God is the perfect living entity, all reality, the Common Good and Only Purpose.

A debate with an atheist would go like:

– I would not exist if God didn’t exist because nothing can be created from nothing. God is the eternal intelligent creator of the creation.

– Proof it, there is not a shred of evidence, nothing whatsoever that points to the existence of God. God is an imaginary friend and religion a fairy tale.

– Atheists confuse the debate about the existence of God with the debate about the existence of a religious god to misunderstand reality without God because they don’t want to understand that they are dependent on something else that are not themselves and their belly buttons. I mean atheists are arrogant. You don’t have to panic, i am not talking about a horrible religious god.

– How do you know the universe was not created from nothing? Proof it! Have you examined nothing to know its properties to know nothing can not be created from nothing? Science don’t know enough about nothing to make assumptions, we can simply say we don’t know yet.

– Nothing has no properties because nothing is the absence of existence therefore it is known that something eternal created the creation because if everything needed to be created nothing would exist. The son can not exist without the parents that can not exist without the grandparents in an infinite regress without a beginning of existence.

– And who created your god? You are committing a special pleading fallacy. If your god can be eternal the universe can be eternal too without god.

– Atheism is extravagant pseudoscience and irrational pseudophilosophy to support the dogmatic belief inmune to logic and common sense that God doesn’t exist. Atheists fight reason and deceive themselves into believing that the arrogance of not understanding reality as part of a whole superior to ourselves is the humility of acknowledging our own ignorance. Atheists have made up the “special pleading fallacy” because according to their irrational thinking God should be created, like everything else, even if God was created God wouldn’t be God and nothing would exist. The universe, or sequence of causes and effects, can not be eternal because nothing would exist with an infinite past because the present moment would never be reached.

A debate with a religious person would go like:

– I would not exist if God did not exist and the religious god is hatred that religious people have confused with perfect love for fear of hell and the empty promise of eternal happiness, because there is not life without death and happiness without unhappiness. Religious people believe somehow they would be ok in the afterlife believing some random, bizarre, harmful nonsense from a dubious prophet that claimed to have revealed to him the absolute truth from a perfect religious god. God created the Creation and religion are beliefs and behaviours that harm the creation, life, love, joy, happiness. How do you justify your belief that sacrificing yourself harming God’s Creation you are earning heaven? I promise you, and I bet money on my word, that if you understand the concept of my God you would abandon your faith that hatred is perfect love to know a perfect God that is perfect justice with perfect knowledge, because everything we do we do it to Ourself in perfect karma, exists. There is not such a thing as a free sin and foolishness would become eternal shame, guilt, regret living in the past of God, that is present and would be future, as long as life creates life loving having children keeping God Alive. The eternal hell for religious people would be harsher than for atheists because religion is more harmful than atheism for God, although at the end of the day it is how is understood and lived religion and atheism what determines the damage done to God. I am God like your arm is you, like the part is the whole. The tail and heart of the lion is the lion impossibility possible miracle God. God can not be deceived because created forgetfulness and memory and is for everyone the same, to die is to resurrect to know the absolute truth, all reality, God’s Life, the Miracle of Life and Death, Ourself. Religious people have been deceived by a lie inmume to logic, common sense and emotional intelligence that looks like a lie.

Free will is choice between alternatives. The logical religious god’s paradox is that our decisions, and the religious god’s own decisions, are determined by the perfect religious god’s knowledge of the future, that eliminates all alternatives. We couldn’t prove the perfect religious god wrong deviating from the religious god’s perfect plan that invariably ends in death and suffering because religion goes hand in hand with death, revenge, sacrifice, slavery, control, intimidation, unhappines. I know I have free will therefore the religious god doesn’t exists. The trajectory of an object or the weather can be predicted because they don’t have free will and are determined by the natural laws.

The contradiction should be enough to understand that religious people misunderstand the nature of God and all religions are made up by charlatans looking for attention. God knows all reality but doesn’t know the future because absolute perfection is absolute imperfection, death, deterministic change, like growing nails on a corpse. God is Free Will, Life, Psychology, Personality, History of all lives from the moment of the creation of the Miracle of Life and Death from Self from eternal Existence to become Alive to Live Forever, because life gives meaning to existence and there is not life without death.

When the criteria for perfection is the dogmatic belief that the religious god is perfect umbiguity is confused with perfect clarity, contradiction with absolute truth, unintelligibility with perfect explanation, hatred with perfect love.

Religion can not end atheism because people live better without a horrible religious god and atheism can not end religion because i wouldn’t exist if God didn’t exist. The existence of God means that there is a reality of an infinite or miraculous nature that transcends mortal or finite reality

Life is designed to live because God designed its own Life and Death creating the Miracle of Life and Death to Live Forever from Self from eternal Existence because life gives meaning to existence and there is not life without death. The Miracle of Life and Death or finitude is fine tuned to infinite perfection because in life like in psychology events and behaviors happen for a reason according to the natural laws, psychological truths and free will. We are literally God’s Free Will and Life so God’s destiny is in our hands and if God die, when all life die, all die endlessly.

Is it possible to be wrong believing that everything was created from nothing and that hatred is perfect love? Is it possible to believe it is impossible to be wrong believing in an impossibility? The truth has no master and everyone can be right or wrong, which doesn’t mean I can not be right and all humanity past and present can not be wrong. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the first “Theory of Life and Death impossibility possible miracle God” based on logic and rational thinking for psychology, philosophy, theology, the history of human thought, even if I am wrong, because my understanding of reality is unique with God and without religion, and humanity don’t understand anything of what is going on. What a pity! What a shame! What a hell! Such liars of unchangeable minds! I am being subjected to a devastating campaign of silencing to impede knowledge because the truth ends and expose the lie, hate, foolishness. My suffering would be your eternal regret because my life is your life, God’s Life. Royalty are beggars and religious people are atheists because all reality is the same and different miracolous God.

I am a prophet without apostles who follow the truth, and if you agree with my truth we go together. I am much alone.

The debate between religious people and atheists is encysted because God exists as irrefutable as logic, with the same degree of proof as a mathematical truth that eliminates all alternatives except the truthful conclusion, and the religious god doesn’t exists as certain as intimidation into compliance with harmful beliefs and behaviours to life and happiness is not perfect love. The nature of God coincides with our psychology because we are God and explains what we understand by hatred and love.

If my God is unambiguously perfect justice with perfect knowledge because everything we do we do it to Ourself in perfect karma how could the religious god be perfect being horribly different?

To die is to rest from this horrible world and beautiful life that fools make difficult. I claim I have discovered thr nature of God and i can proof my claim on being the “Theory of Life and Death impossibility possible miracle God” known ending religion and atheism and collapsing mortality rates as evidence of a miracle for all humanity to witness, and journalists don’t know what is news and humanity are not interested in life living the self-fulfilling valley of tears religious prophecy and the arrogance of not understanding that all is part of a superior whole that transcends our own mortal existence.

Life without after life would be like an exam without the result, purposeless, meaningless, unfair, incomplete. God designed its own Life and Death creating the Miracle of Life and Death from Self from eternal Existence. Can your almighty religious god do that?

God created the Creation from Self because nothing can be created from nothing unless nothing is something, an impossibility possible or the miracle of God, that is existence and absence of existence. The cosmological argument concludes by logic that it is impossible the existence of finitude without the existence of infinitude. The logical God’s paradox is that it is impossible to exist existance without the existence of infinitude, an impossibility. Can a car go at infinite speed, have the cosmos infinite stars, have a football pitch infinite surface, start a race an eternity ago? It is impossible. In infinite time every present moment is preceded by a never ending past and the moment of the creation of finitude or the Miracle of Life and Death would never be reached. I exist therefore the paradox must be resolved. The God’s paradox is resolved by being the impossibility made possible by the miracle of God, creator without creator, first caused uncaused, origin of everything because nothing existed before, creator and creation because nothing can be created from nothing unless nothing is something, an impossibility possible or the miracle of God, that can do possible the impossible. God by nature is a miracle, the existence of infinitude, an impossibility made possible.

Religious people have arrogantly given to themselves an importance they don’t have, believing that a religious god have predilected humans, and specifically a god like prophet that can do miracles through the religious god’s intercession and communicates directly with the creator, over the rest of the creation. Religious people arrogantly believe themselves to be more or less than who we really are, an infinitesimal part of infinite God, God. The Life of God depends on every living organism that lives to keep God Alive. If there was a nuclear catastrophe that only cockroaches could survive the end of the History of God’s Life would be avoided if the cockroaches keep procreating. The whole depends on the parts and the part is dependent on the whole.

The standard under we judge the truth is the consequences. A bridge built with the wrong calculations would fall. The consequences of the beliefs, that lead to behaviours, of atheism and religion are harmful to God, life and happiness, because create a dogmatic or unchangeable selfish, arrogant mindset. Atheists misunderstand life as an adventure without consequences for living unethically for oneself after death, and even so they consider procreation important because who we are is ingrained in us and the survival of God depends on life creating life loving having children. Religious people misunderstand life with an individual relationship with a horrible personal religious god that grants eternal happiness or unhappiness regardless of what happens to everyone else, and like atheists they consider primordial to have children to our lives when with their mindset it shouldn’t. However religion is imperialist and religious people proselytize and indoctrinate their children to increment the number of believers.

God is an eternal intelligent entity that created life or finitude. I exist therefore I was created or always existed and the creator was created or always existed therefore God exists. Creation is what has a beginning of existence or effect and creator is the cause of the creation. I was created by my parents, that are the creation of my grandparents.

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