Could Allah or any other religious god be the Creator and the Creation?

Could Allah or any other religious god be the Creator and the Creation? Could a religious god make Self like the miracle of Life and Death is described? If not the religious god is not Almighty and the religious texts are a lie. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the first theory on God based on rational thinking, philosophy for humanity. We are literally an infinitesimal part of infinite God, like an imperfect and finite neurone in the eternal, infinite, perfect Brain, Mind of Life and Death, that knows, experience and understands everything because nothing existed before and everything was created from Self, and doesn’t forget because created memory and forgetfulness. I exist therefore eternity exists therefore God exists. If everything needed to be created or have a beginning of existence nothing would exist, therefore God exists. I exist therefore i was created or always existed and the creator has a beginning of existence or is eternal, therefore God exists. I was created by my parents and i always existed because I am my parents that are my grandparents that are everything else impossibility possible miracle God. The God’s paradox is that it is impossible to exist existence without the existence of an impossibility or eternity. Every present moment is preceded by a never ending past that would be future in an infinite regression. The God’s paradox is resolved by being the impossibility made possible by a miracle of God, that can do the impossible possible. Before finitude existed only infinitude or God existed. The universe can not be eternal because the present moment can not be reached with an eternal past, a deterministic process can not be infinite because there would be no beginning of existence of a cause in an infinite regression of causes. God created the miracle of Life and Death from Self because nothing can not be created from nothing, because nothing does not exist, unless nothing is something, an impossibility possible or miracle of God, that is existence and non existence. A contradiction is an impossibility and a miracle is an impossibility made possible by God. God’s Life is one and multiple because the heart and tail of the lion is the Lion past  present and future impossibility possible miracle God. Why the irrefutable as logic cosmological argument is understood by religious people and kids and is rejected as fallacious by atheists? Because humanity choose to reject the arguments that contradict their vision of reality. Logically can be concluded that God exists because life could not have been created from nothing or an infinite deterministic process without an uncaused cause, impossibility possible, miracle, God. eternal God made Self Alive from perfect Existence, like a religious god that doesn’t take decisions because everything that is intended to do is achieved automatically and knows the future of an inmortal, omniscient, almighty character in the role playing Game of Life and Death that doesn’t play or live because is dead, nothingness, lie, addiction, religion, atheism without success or failure, happiness or unhappiness, free will, psychology, life, to become us, the perfect for being imperfect miracle of Life and Death, everything that ever existed, exists and would exist. God is perfect justice because everything is done to Ourself in a finite cycle of life, death and resurrection that tends to eternity. God is eternal and God’s Life is mortal because life gives sense to existence and there is not life without eternal death. God must go on. God must keep living loving creating life being happy, truthful, honest because if God die All die to become a memory of what All was, like growing nails in a corpse. Eternal God made Self Alive from Existence creating the miracle of Life and Death. Immortality is death and mortality is life and to be eternal and mortal the only way is to create Self imperfect and finite passing life from one generation to the next tending to infinite. The nature of God coincides with our psychology because we are God, God’s will, God’s psychology, God’s Life. The debate between religious people and atheists is encysted because God exists and the religious god doesn’t, so both are wrong having arguments to be right. Religious people have confused hatred with perfect love and harmful nonsense with absolute truth believing absurdities that contradict what we know or perceive as reality for the promise of inmortal life when it is impossible to be life without death, and the fear of hell.

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