creation is what has a beginning of existence.

creation is what has a beginning of existence. I existed when my parents created me. God is the creator without creator, the eternal entity origin of everything because nothing existed before, the first cause uncaused. The God’s paradox is that it is impossible to exist existance without the existence of an impossibility. The God’s paradox is resolved by being the impossibility made possible by a miracle, God, an act of God because i exist. We are God, the answer to the irrefutable as a mathematical truth cosmological argument that concludes by reason that it is impossible to exist existance without the existence of the miracle of Life and Death, All reality that ever existed, exist and would exist. We are literally an infinitesimal part of infinite God, like an imperfect and finite neurone in a miracolous eternal infinite perfect Brain of Life and Death that knows, experience, understand Self, the creator and creation because nothing can come from nothing unless nothing is something, an impossibility possible or miracle, God that is existence and non existence. Do you understand the importance of the first theory on God not based on faith ever to the understanding of human thought? Everyone needs help, children and old people to do basic tasks, because we live to die and resuscitate to the origin without beginning into the past of God, that is present and would be future, I am the same and different person than I was yesterday and I would be tomorrow impossibility possible miracle God, in a circle of wisdom, addiction recovery, resurrection. God is the Mind Healer and whoever lives by God, honest, truthful, would not suffer addiction and other psychological problems. Is there any expert authority on logic in the world to certify if “if everything needed to be created nothing would exist” is true or false? Kids understand better. To understand the “Theory of Life and Death impossibility possible miracle God” only wanting to understand is required. The problem is that humanity want the problem. God’s Life is all lives and can’t be deceived because knows Self. All will know all for eternity. Regardless of religious god before the creation was created an infinite amount of time passed. I exist therefore infinitude exists therefore God exists because to resolve the God’s paradox of the existence of an impossibility a miracle is necessary, an act of God that makes possible the impossible. God is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed alive or dead when all life die and God die becoming a memory of what all that ever lived, live, would live , like a still picture of growing nails in a corpse, like a religious god without free will, learning, success or failure, happiness or unhappiness, life or death; like a perfect character in a role playing game that doesn’t roll the dices or take decisions because everything that is intended to do is accomplished automatically and knows the future of an inmortal, omniscient, almighty character that doesn’t play or live because is dead, lie, addiction. Would you accept as evidence of a miracle and the existence of God the end of atheism and religion and the collapse of morality rates? The God’s paradox needs to be discussed, known.

God created the creation from nothing or Self after an eternity. Before existence there was eternal non existence impossibility possible miracle God. Before something happened nothing happened eternally. Could something has always happened or existed?

The purpose of Life is to keep God alive and happy.

It is impossible that an arrow that travels a finite distance in finite time goes through infinite points in space and time because infinite never ends. Between any two numbers there are infinite numbers. To resolve the paradox a miracle or impossibility made possible by God must exist. God’s paradox is that it is impossible to exist existence without the existence of an impossibility or infinitude.

Before anything finite was created an eternal infinitude existed. At some moment in infinite time the creation was created. It doesn’t matter when the creation was created, it was after an eternity of nothingness.

Existo, luego la infinidad existe, luego Dios existe porque la existencia de infinidad es una imposibilidad. La paradoja de Dios se resuelve siendo la imposibilidad posible o milagro de Dios, que puede hacer lo imposible posible. La paradoja de Dios es que antes de que se crease la creación pasó una eternidad. Si todo fuese creado nada existiría, luego tiene que existir una entidad que no haya sido creada y haya existido siempre, el creador sin creador, primera causa no causada, origen de todo porque nada existió antes, Dios, todo lo que existió, existe e existirá, creación y creador porque nada se crea de la nada, a no ser que la nada sea algo, una imposibilidad posible o milagro, Dios que es existencia y no existencia. La creación se creó de una eterna nada imposibilidad posible milagro Dios. Dios es el milagro eterno de la Vida y la Muerte. Somos literalmente una parte infinitesimal de Dios infinito. El corazón y la cola del león son el león imposibilidad posible milagro Dios.

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