A contradiction is an impossibility

A contradiction is an impossibility and a miracle is an impossibility that only God makes possible. Do you believe in miracles? I have written on God that would settle the debate between religious people and atheists because both are wrong having arguments to be right because God exists as irrefutably as a mathematical truth and the religious god doesn’t as hatred is not perfect love. If everything needed to be created nothing would exists, therefore God exists. I exist therefore i was created or always existed and the creator was created or always existed, therefore an eternal entity exists. A miracle or impossibility possible is the existence of infinitude. Can a car go at infinite speed, have a painting infinite colours, start a race an eternity ago, have a football pitch infinite space? It is impossible, unless it is God, that can make the impossible possible. God was not created because if God was created i would not exist. If the universe was eternal the universe would be a miracle, God. The universe is an infinitesimal part of infinite God that is everything that ever existed, exists and would exist, the eternal miracle of Life and Death, the origin of the creation because nothing existed before and everything was created after from Self because nothing is created from nothing and nothing is destroyed into nothing unless nothing is something, an impossibility possible or miracle, God that is existence and non existence. Philosophy, logic, rational thinking alone proves the existence of God but humanity choose to ignore, reject the arguments that contradict their vision of reality. God is not an entity separated from the creation as the creation comes from Self. God is the first cause uncaused, the infinite Creator and the finite creation, one Life and multiple lives, same Life and different lives, All reality and fiction, the miraculous Game of Life and Death transforming in time. God is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed alive or dead, when all life die and God die becoming deterministic movement, like growing nails in a corpse, a memory of the past without new minds created in the present because life comes from life, love, union, truth. Humanity is lying to self because don’t understand that we all are in the same and different Boat of Life and Death and the life of any creature is God’s Life past present and future, I am the same and different person than i was yesterday and I would be tomorrow impossibility possible miracle God. Hell and heaven is ourselves for eternity til endless death when all life die and God die becoming a memory of the eternal history of God, like a still picture or growing nails in a corpse. Would you like to know the absolute truth, all eternal reality? Only a fool wouldn’t like to know the truth, even if unpleasant. Would you like all to know all? Only if you are honest. If being yourself for eternity doesn’t scare you you are honest. To die is to resurrect in the past of God to know everything and judge ourselves with perfect justice, perfect knowledge and be rewarded or punished with heavenly or hellish psychology for having lived the Game of Life and Death wisely or foolishly for eternity. All creation and destruction stays in God because God is existence and non existence because nothing existed before and all is created after. Nothing can not exist unless is something, an impossibility possible or miracle, God. The mind is created and not destroyed and the Life of God keeps having lives living in the present and resurrecting in the past. It is important that i get some attention to explain the first theory on God based on rational thinking that gives an answer to the necessary eternal entity, creator without creator, first cause uncaused, impossibility possible or divine miracle, that has to exist in order to exist existence. We are God and the Good News would save infinite lives. The religious god is dead, like a still picture or growing nails in a corpse, absolutely perfect, inmortal, omniscient, almighty to be dead, lie, addiction, without will, learning, success or failure, happiness or unhappiness, life or death. Any eternal entity would be God, the creator without creator, the first cause uncaused, an impossibility possible or miracle because the existence of infinitude is impossible unless is God. Science can not explain the origin of the miracle of Life and Death that was not originated because always existed. God is the miracle of Life and Death with infinite possibilities, space, flavours, colours, emotions, time and infinite others. God made Self imperfect and mortal to be alive creating mortal life at some point in infinite time. I claim I have discovered the nature of God for psychology and knowledge and i can prove the veracity of my claim ending atheism and religion collapsing mortality rates on being the “Theory of Life and Death impossibility possible miracle God” divulged, known, debated as evidence of a miracle for all humanity to witness. I am alone paying the price for being honest. We live in a horrible world and beautiful life that fools make difficult, and I was told It is the only one we have, so I keep trying. We only have One God and is ourselves so we have to love and treat others as if they were oneself impossibility possible miracle God. God can not be deceived and all would know All to understand The Truth. the irrefutable proof that God exist is that if everything needed to be created nothing would exist, therefore God exist. If an atheist found the window of his house open on returning home would he call the police or think that there is only evidence that the window was before closed and now open? Why atheists apply different logic when being right or wrong has consequences? Because atheists don’t want God to exist, an entity accountable for our life that knows everything and can not be deceived because nothing existed before and everything was created after from Self.

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