Do you believe in miracles?

Do you believe in miracles? A miracle is an impossibility possible, an act of God. A contradiction is an impossibility that only God can make possible. When I say i have discovered the cure to addiction and i can prove my claim collapsing mortality rates all the doors get closed for me. Do you believe it? You may say that’s impossible. It’s an impossibility possible because it’s real, a miracle done by God. Parents who are losing their children and children who are losing their parents are silencing the truth that saves infinite lives. What hope do i have? I suffer from incapacitating depression and furious anxiety because we live in a horrible world and a beautiful life that is made difficult by fools and i was told that it’s the only one we have, so I keep trying. The truth is addiction is the tormented psychology of an unforgiving liar, drugs don’t cause addiction and only liars get hooked and only honesty gets freedom. The tragedy of addiction is children who revenge a childhood hurt or trauma against their parents learning from example becoming victims of themselves so as to conceal the hatred to hurt others advertising themselves as victims stealing attention. Humanity are dying deceived deceiving because are not honest because parents don’t teach their children to be honest because are not honest themselves. Addiction runs in families. Addiction is a fake identity, pretending to be who we are not, because we are truly a happy, honest, loving innocent child and we become liars or bad people when we are hurt to retaliate concealing the hatred becoming foolishly like the aggressor. We are all addicts, liars, imperfect, and we have the same mind and unique psychology, life. Addiction recovery is a journey to the womb to become honest, a metamorphosis of the mind, psychology, life. Addiction is revenge and addiction recovery is forgiveness. Different people having gone through similar experiences react differently according to our free will and being hurt does not result necessarily in addiction because we choose if to forgive or revenge. Addict is the fool that bites the hand that feeds him, that goes against his parents for being imperfect not understanding he is like them. Addiction is the affliction that fools don’t realise they suffer, because are in denial. Addiction is voluntary behaviour, hate, the manifestation of a troubled psychology.

Herbivorous animals eat their placenta after giving birth to eliminate the smell that could attract predators to save their loves ones and humanity are silencing the discovery of the nature of addiction, the most important cause of mortality in history, because it’s in the nature of addiction that cowards reject the truth that is love.

It is harder to convince a fool that to know the truth is better than to be deceived than to deceive him.

In a conspiracy theory forum I have been censored for “giving medical misinformation that goes against the forum rules” for saying the truth “Wake up humanity! Addiction is the psychology of a liar, drugs don’t cause addiction and only liars get hooked and only honesty gets freedom” . You may say that’s impossible. It’s an impossibility possible because it’s real, it’s a miracle done by God.

I am a psychologist, thinker in recovery. I understand addiction because i have experienced hell. A psychological trait of addicts is a rigid mind that don’t change to the truth because they hate.

The “Theory of Life and Death impossibility possible miracle God” is the first theory on God based on rational thinking, logic, philosophy ever written and would settle the ever stagnated debate between religious people and atheists because God exists and the religious god doesn’t exist so both are wrong having arguments to be right. Would you believe that humanity are not interested and my truth is not given a voice? You may say that’s impossible. It’s an impossibility possible because it’s real, it’s a miracle done by God.

The miracle of Life and Death is easy to understand being honest and impossible being disingenuous. To understand only wanting to understand is necessary.

If everything needed to be created nothing would exist, therefore God exists.

This is the obvious logical truth that religious people understand and atheists don’t want to understand because they would have to admit that an entity that created the creation, including them, exists. I argue that the creator is the creation impossibility possible miracle God.

Humanity choose to ignore the arguments that contradict their vision of reality.

I exist therefore i was created or always existed and the creator was created or always existed, therefore God exists.

Creation is what is dependent on a creator or predecessor or has a beginning of existence. Creator is what is necessary for the creation to be created or the cause of the creation. The son would be the creation of the parents, that would be the creator. God is an eternal entity without beginning in infinite time.

God is eternal therefore nothing existed before. How could something have existed before God that has existed always in infinite time? It is impossible.

God is eternal therefore everything that is created or has a beginning in time had to come after God, from God, from Self, because nothing comes from non existence unless non existence is existence, unless nothing is something, an impossibility possible, a miracle, God. Therefore God is the creator and creation impossibility possible miracle of Life and Death. Religious people claim the religious god created the creation from nothing or non existence.

Nothing comes from nothing or is created and nothing goes to nothing or is destroyed unless nothing is something, an impossibility possible, a miracle, God that is everything an nothing.

The truth is stagnated among liars.

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