Do you understand the emotional effort needed to want to know the truth and see oneself as a fool?

I teach for free because my knowledge is worthier than any amount of money, the promise of giving infinite value. Do you understand the emotional effort needed to want to know the truth and see oneself as a fool? I can prove God exists, only the first theory on God not based on faith ever written need to be known. Would you accept the collapse of mortality rates and end of religion and atheism as evidence of a miracle and proof of the existence of God? The irrefutable as a mathematical truth kalam cosmological argument concludes that it is impossible to be existence without the existence of an impossibility possible, miracle, first uncaused cause that always existed in infinite time, God. If everything was created or dependant nothing would exist. I exist, therefore I was created or always existed and the creator was created or always existed therefore God exists. I was created by my parents and i always existed because my parents are my grandparents that are everything else impossibility possible miracle God. God is the perfect living entity. God is perfect for being imperfect impossibility possible miracle because life without death is death, like having the perfect character in the role playing Game of Life and Death that wouldn’t role the dices or take decisions because there is not failure or learning. All is one reality, all is all, all is God neither created nor destroyed, only transformed alive or dead. The mind when we die is not destroyed, only transformed to the past of God to know, experience, understand self perfectly to judge ourselves with perfect justice to be the mind rewarded or punished with hellish or heavenly psychology for ever. God is the Mind Healer The religious God is dead, lie, sacrifice because an entity eternal, inmortal, omnipresent, omniscient, almighty has not free will, consciousness, life. The religious hell and heaven are both hell, because there is not happiness without unhappiness, success without failure, joy without pain, truth without lie, addiction recovery without addiction, life without death, heaven without hell. I consider myself a case study for psychology and psychiatry for my extraordinary mind. I claim i am the greatest psychologist and economist for having discovered the nature of addiction, God and money, without a line on a Wikipedia page. The veracity of my theories would be tested on being known, shared. Humanity is killing God, the perfect living entity for being imperfect impossibility possible miracle and my knowledge on Life and Death would save you from yourself impossibility possible miracle God. Atheists and religious people are both liars, ignorant, arrogant, selfish, although religion without atheism is a much bigger problem than atheism without religion. To say ‘God doesn’t exist’ is to deny your own existence refusing that we depend on a superior entity. God (past present and future of God) depend on god(present of God) and viceversa because God is god impossibility possible miracle, God die if all god die and god wouldn’t exist without God. Religious people have confused hate for perfect love. The relation with a religious God is personal, individual, without empathy for others who are going to burn in hell eternally for disagreeing with barbarism. Atheists understand life as an adventure where death is without consequences for oneself. Merit is measured in results, productivity, wellbeing, happiness. To make an effort deliberately to not produce is sacrifice, foolishness. Absolute nothingness never existed because God has always existed impossibility possible miracle. Nothingness can not exist therefore nothing comes from nothing. Something can not become nothing because nothing is non existence. Everything comes from God that always existed, even nothingness that can not exist. God is infinite because after God finished there could be nothingness, but nothingness comes from God that always existed. Something can not become nothingness because everything is God.

God didn’t choose to exist because always existed and god didn’t choose either because was created. Since we are put in this perfect life let’s make the most out of infinity.

God is all that ever was, is, and would be. I was created by my parents and my parents were created by my grandparents, so on so forth infinitely. In order for creation to exist there must be a first cause uncaused that always existed called God because if everything needed a creator or was dependent nothing would exist. God is the creator without creator. I know God is alive because i am alive. We are literally an infinitesimal part of infinite God.

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