The miraculous book that heals the mind

I am the Mind Healer, impossibility possible miracle God, and whoever lives by the truth would not suffer mental health problems.

Do you understand the importance of the discovery of the cure to addiction or do you need an explanation? For God’s sake wake up humanity from the nightmare of living a hellish lie. Addiction is the psychology of a liar. What don’t you understand, psychology or liar? Psychology is life, a state of mind, understanding, feelings, emotions, perceptions, dreams, and else; and liar is a fool. Drugs don’t cause addiction and only liars get hooked and only honesty gets freedom. Humanity are dying deceived deceiving because are not honest because parents don’t teach their children to be honest because are not honest themselves. Mortality rates would collapse when the unpublishable truth is published, am i asking too much to prove the obvious?

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