Depresión es preferir dormir a vivir, dormir para no despertar de un sueño sin muerte, que es retorno a la vida, imposibilidad posible milagro Dios. Vivimos para morir y morimos para vivir mientras Dios viva, porque el final es inicio, la vida es sueño, y los sueños Dios son.

Morir es resucitar y matar es una operación de cirugía estética a Dios para dejarlo más lindo o más feo. Si tuviese el poder de matar con el pensamiento lo usaríamos sin piedad porque al cancer hay que extirparlo porque el tonto no atiende a razones.

I go around saying i am God and explaining why and nobody believes me. I say i am the creator and the creation impossibility possible miracle God and when people say that’s impossible i say that we are talking about God that can do the impossible possible because is a miracle, and can end religion and atheism because God is the perfect living entity, perfect justice with perfect knowledge to judge ourselves when we die for what we’ve done to Ourself and be punished and rewarded for eternity with hellish or heavenly psychology being All reality that ever existed, exists and would exist until endless death when all life die and God die to become a memory of who God was for eternity. The miracle of Life and Death is eternal because always existed, exists and would exist, and mortal because life without death is death, life without a purpose because there would be no rules or aim, success or failure, happiness or unhappiness because the consequences would not matter. The perfect religious god is dead, a lie, addiction.

Wake up humanity from the nightmare of living a lie. Humanity are dying deceived deceiving because are not honest because parents don’t teach their children to be honest because are not themselves. Addiction is the psychology of a liar, only liars get hooked and only honesty gets freedom. The cure to addiction has been discovered and is being silenced to evidence how much it has been researched. Horrific shame and foolishness.

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