Se podría argumentar que si es imposible que exista existencia si todo necesitase un creador porque no existiría un principio entonces ¿por qué es posible Dios, que es eterno sin origen? porque es un milagro, una imposibilidad posible. Lo que hace de Dios un milagro es la infinitud.

9/5/2022 I went to an Al-anon meeting in a church to explain what is addiction to confirm my theory that liars fool liars. Liars reject the truth. Victimism runs in families. Partners of addicts act out the role of martyr, believe the addict is a victim and want others to believe the same. The tragedy of addiction is children who revenge a childhood hurt, or trauma, against their parents learning from example becoming victims of themselves so as to conceal the hatred to hurt others. The attendees didn’t even show any interest or reaction after saying that i am a recovering addict and i claim i can prove i have discovered the cure to addiction. It is convenient to not accept responsibility for the upbringing of your own children who revenge an unhappy, hurtful childhood believing the absurdity that addiction is a disease of the brain. Even when the truth would save their children parents of addicts persist lying. Parents of addicts believe and testify they are wonderful loving carers as opposed to the stark reality that their own addicted children hate them because they were hurt by them, and silence the truth addiction is the psychology of a liar. Hate comes from hate and psychology is transmitted from parents who are religious, nationalist and socialist to children.

Atheism is put down with logic and God is a miracle, an impossibility possible that defies logic. I am therefore i exist, therefore i was created or always existed and the creator was created or always existed, therefore God exits. God is a miracle, an impossibility possible. God is everything and nothing, us, the universe. We are part of God, that is one and multiple impossibility possible miracle, children are created by parents, therefore God creates God and also God always existed.

Dios existe y puedo probarlo desplomando la tasa de mortalidad cuando la primera teoría sobre Dios no basada en fe sea conocida. Aceptarias salvar infinitas vidas como evidencia de un milagro? Tu puedes probar la existencia de Dios divulgando la verdad.

if I told you I have discovered the cure to cancer and that I can prove it dropping mortality rates would you answer “cool man, I’m happy for you”? What is it with me if infinite lives would be saved? Don’t you understand the importance of the discovery of the nature of addiction, God and money? Are you alive dead, impossibility possible miracle God, breathing for a salary for gold? The discoveries are not news because humanity don’t like the truth that expose liars as fools. Would you help me to get the discovery of the cure to addiction be news? You just have to tell everybody the truth addiction is the psychology of a liar and promote my link so infinite lives would be saved and the gold and cryptocurrencies markets would crash because honesty is salvation, gold is a mineral costly and useless inside a vault and cryptocurrencies are numbers not redeemable for anything. What do i think about humanity? Parents of addicts are silencing the discovery of the cure to addiction and never bothered to research what addiction is about, when just the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous says what is needed. Where is the love? Thuggish, criminal, group Black Lives Matter are celebrated as justice fighters when justice is done in tribunal courts not rioting on the streets. Where is the love? Charities like Oxfam promote poverty attacking capitalism to fix what they break perpetuating their salaries and laziness. Where is the love? Psychologists are not interested in psychology, economists are not interested in economics, religious people and atheists are not interested in God, journalists are not interested in news, humanity is not interested in life. Where is your love? It is harder to convince a fool that to know the truth is better than to be deceived than to deceive him. I am tired, frustrated, alienated, depressed and alone, just do with the information i have given to you what you think is appropriate.

Soy un psicólogo adicto en recuperación y he descubierto que la adicción no es una enfermedad del cerebro. Te parece que la adicción es una enfermedad? Entonces por qué los adictos dicen que tienen una enfermedad que no tienen? Para entender que la adicción es la psicología de un mentiroso solo hace falta leer el libro de Alcoholicos Anónimos y ser honesto para querer ver la verdad. La tragedia de la adicción es hijos que se vengan de los padres una herida sufrida en la infancia siendo víctimas de si mismos para de ese modo ocultar el odio. Solo los mentirosos se enganchan y solo los honestos se desenganchan. La cura de la adicción es el perdón, la honestidad. Llevo años intentando que el descubrimiento de la cura de la adicción sea noticia para demostrar la veracidad de mi teoría desplomando las tasas de adicción y me he encontrado la oposición de padres y madres de adictos que silencian la verdad que salvaría a sus propios hijos.

The universe is God, God has always existed. The is no origin of the universe because to originate there must be an origin. The creation must be created from something and something must be created from something else and so on so forth eternally. Therefore God is a miracle, an impossibility possible, with and without origin.

a fool laughs amused when she is revealed they are lying to her with her own money, it is harder to convince a fool that she is deceived explaining why, how, when, by whom than to deceive her.

I go alone alienated among fools on my quest for someone who understands the importance of the discovery of the nature of addiction, God and money for psychology, economics and life in brain dead humanity in active addiction, zombies breathing for a salary for gold following like sheep who bring up innocent children into envious selfish believers in a cycle I am trying to break with the loving truth. Addiction runs in families. I stopped saying addiction is a lie because humanity don’t understand. “Addiction exists” would say charlatan psychologists and butchers with a degree for reputation psychiatrists that can’t distinguish the mind from a brain disease. Addiction is the psychology of a liar. What don’t you understand psychology or liar? About the first theory on God not based on faith ever and what is money i don’t talk because is arguably more difficult, although an honest innocent kid understands. Parents of addicts who are losing their children who revenged a childhood hurt against the fools who didn’t open the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous to know what addiction is about are silencing the cure. Mark humanity’s foolishness from 0 to beyond imagination, comparison and measure. Are you interested in the legalisation of drugs? I suffer from incapacitating depression. Can anyone help me to save infinite lives and bring endless wealth and health, impossibility possible miracle God?

How much psychology know humanity? The police have serial killers among their ranks , that are serial liars, and think addiction and other behaviours are a brain disease.

“The former Metropolitan police officer Wayne Couzens is to be sentenced for the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard, amid calls for a formal law to set out the rights of victims. Couzens, 48, used his police warrant card and handcuffs to lure Everard off the street before strangling her with his police belt and burning her body, a court heard.” https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/sep/30/sarah-everard-wayne-couzens-to-be-sentenced-for-kidnap-and

Wars are to be seen when the general is not seen in battlefield. When the price of the decisions are paid by someone else mistakes are likely to happen. Did Nobel Peace Prize Back Obama fight in Iraq and Afghanistan? Humanity are fools that follow like sheep impossibility possible miracle God. Why am i being censored by social media and silenced by humanity? The censor is a liar whose aim is the truth not to be known. Honest people don’t censor lies because the truth is to be questioned while the lie is protected unquestioned with intimidation and violence. Wake up humanity, zombies breathing for a salary for gold! You are deceived following like sheep fools who don’t understand addiction, God and money among other infinite subjects! Addiction is the psychology of a liar. What don’t you understand? Psychology or liar? I stopped saying “addiction is a lie” because arrogant, selfish, known-all humanity don’t understand. “Addiction exists” would reply charlatan psychologists and butchers with a degree for reputation psychiatrists who can’t distinguish a brain disease from the mind. Humanity is so dumb that a mad scientist could sterilize the whole population ending the human race with a vaccine for a made up disease.

I phoned Ann Rogers, the mother of deceased heroin addict Ben Rogers, while i was in Toolworth hospital and she told me she was not interested in the discovery of the cure to addiction because she was old and bereaving. How could not anyone be interested, let alone a mother who lost a son to drugs?

Pienso luego existo, luego fui creado o he existido siempre, luego Dios existe o existió y murió. Quien me creó? mis padres. Quién creó a mis padres? mis abuelos, y de este modo eternamente. Dios fue creado sin y con creador porque siempre existió, imposibilidad posible milagro.

gold is not money, it is a mineral and when people exchange goods and services for gold they are bartering. Unlike money, that is a number, the supply of gold is limited because is scarce and expensive to mine, so if gold is used as a means of exchange the price of gold increases when the supply does not match the increasing value of the production and people give away goods and services for increasingly less amount of gold, meaning that people end up paying for scarcity instead of usefulness.
The purpose of money is to exchange goods and services of the same market value but different value for seller and buyer, therefore benefiting both, otherwise the exchange would not take place. The baker and fishmonger would not exchange bread for fish if the baker would not value more someone else’s fish than his own bread. The seller and buyer get exactly the value they give, getting equally wealthier. Money is debt, a contract, the promise of giving value for value, effort for effort, work for work, fulfilled by honour, honesty, truth, peace, love, give to take, and can be created costless and without authorisation from the government or others, because money is transferable debt, a number and a name, and can be stored memorized in the mind, accepted voluntary if there is mutual trust that the seller is giving something as valuable as the buyer paid for and that the buyer would become seller to pay off the debt, that there is no cheating, crime, lie, addiction, hate, ignorance, foolishness, so both parties benefit, and doesn’t need to be produced at a cost, like mining gold or cryptocurrencies.
The supply of money should match the production,wealth, value on sale, to avoid inflation or deflation, so money goes to infinite, limitless, as productivity increases. The more production the more money in circulation to buy it, keeping the prices stable. Money would not be stolen if it can be identified, because would make the theft pointless as the physical money indicated as stolen would not be accepted. On the other hand small amounts of gold when used as money, unit to measure wealth, can buy enormous wealth that can be stolen easily because has little volume, is bright and stands out, and as a consequence fortunes are being spent to protect with public money a mineral that is useless inside a vault. Humanity have been malfunctioning eternally without the understanding of money because there has been no trust, honesty, love, and the neighbours are liars like self and demanded value for value and didn’t accept the promise of future payment. The gold standard is money and gold is a mineral, and removing the promise of redeeming the bearer with goods and services fiat ‘money’ transformed money into just a number under the government or central banks’ control that create inflation printing out ‘money’ redistributing wealth, taking without asking, stealing, without creating wealth, just altering the prices, because humanity don’t understand that wealth, the economy, can only be stimulated working, producing, with effort that creates value. Creating money is creating debt, and nobody honest would create more than can be paid off and nobody honest would accept the promise of a liar.
What do you understand when i say “i have discovered the nature of money“?
I claim i am the greatest economist of all time because humanity don’t understand what is money.
Do you understand that is important that i don’t die before my theory on money is known?
I have created my own money, currency, on cards with the promise to redeem the bearer for fiat ‘money’ on crashing the gold market with the explanation of why the most significant economically event in history should happen to increase the chances of happening as humanity can do the impossibility possible miracle God making my theory known.

If one fish cost three breads and the baker gives a note of 3 units to buy 1 fish if the money supply does not keep up with the production the purchasing power of money (if what is exchanged had different market value there would be speculation, that is buying to sell, or selling to buy, like in the case of the gold bubble)

By the time Smith was sitting back in his seat and shouting to Rock to “keep my wife’s name out your [expletive] mouth”, it was clear this was serious. A seasoned professional like Smith would know better than to drop the F-bomb on stage during a live TV broadcast.Viewers at home didn’t hear the swearing. Broadcast network ABC had cut the live feed to avoid offending viewers at home. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-60896604

The role of the media is to inform of what happens, the truth, reality, not to manipulate, censor, silence the information. When media cover swearing with a beep, how do i know if the word “fuck” was pronounced and i am being told the truth? Even if in reality there was swearing i don’t want to be protected from knowing what happened as it happened, i want to know the tone, volume of the voice, what happened in reality first hand to not be deceived. Humanity can not handle a “fuck” because live to be offended, a victim, unhappy, prompt to retaliate and hurt others. Swearing expresses anger, aggression, that are part of the spectrum of human emotions.

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