Dios existe y puedo probarlo desplomando la tasa de mortalidad cuando la primera teoría sobre Dios no basada en fe sea conocida. Aceptarias salvar infinitas vidas como evidencia de un milagro? Tu puedes probar la existencia de Dios divulgando la verdad.

if I told you I have discovered the cure to cancer and that I can prove it dropping mortality rates would you answer “cool man, I’m happy for you”? What is it with me if infinite lives would be saved? Don’t you understand the importance of the discovery of the nature of addiction, God and money? Are you alive dead, impossibility possible miracle God, breathing for a salary for gold? The discoveries are not news because humanity don’t like the truth that expose liars as fools. Would you help me to get the discovery of the cure to addiction be news? You just have to tell everybody the truth addiction is the psychology of a liar and promote my link so infinite lives would be saved and the gold and cryptocurrencies markets would crash because honesty is salvation, gold is a mineral costly and useless inside a vault and cryptocurrencies are numbers not redeemable for anything. What do i think about humanity? Parents of addicts are silencing the discovery of the cure to addiction and never bothered to research what addiction is about, when just the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous says what is needed. Where is the love? Thuggish, criminal, group Black Lives Matter are celebrated as justice fighters when justice is done in tribunal courts not rioting on the streets. Where is the love? Charities like Oxfam promote poverty attacking capitalism to fix what they break perpetuating their salaries and laziness. Where is the love? Psychologists are not interested in psychology, economists are not interested in economics, religious people and atheists are not interested in God, journalists are not interested in news, humanity is not interested in life. Where is your love? It is harder to convince a fool that to know the truth is better than to be deceived than to deceive him. I am tired, frustrated, alienated, depressed and alone, just do with the information i have given to you what you think is appropriate.

Soy un psicólogo adicto en recuperación y he descubierto que la adicción no es una enfermedad del cerebro. Te parece que la adicción es una enfermedad? Entonces por qué los adictos dicen que tienen una enfermedad que no tienen? Para entender que la adicción es la psicología de un mentiroso solo hace falta leer el libro de Alcoholicos Anónimos y ser honesto para querer ver la verdad. La tragedia de la adicción es hijos que se vengan de los padres una herida sufrida en la infancia siendo víctimas de si mismos para de ese modo ocultar el odio. Solo los mentirosos se enganchan y solo los honestos se desenganchan. La cura de la adicción es el perdón, la honestidad. Llevo años intentando que el descubrimiento de la cura de la adicción sea noticia para demostrar la veracidad de mi teoría desplomando las tasas de adicción y me he encontrado la oposición de padres y madres de adictos que silencian la verdad que salvaría a sus propios hijos.

The universe is God, God has always existed. The is no origin of the universe because to originate there must be an origin. The creation must be created from something and something must be created from something else and so on so forth eternally. Therefore God is a miracle, an impossibility possible, with and without origin.

a fool laughs amused when she is revealed they are lying to her with her own money, it is harder to convince a fool that she is deceived explaining why, how, when, by whom than to deceive her.

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