I am the messiah announced

i am the messiah announced and i resuscitated from active addiction to tell humanity that you have to be honest. Surprised? Addiction is the psychology of a liar and when the unpublishable truth is published addiction rates would collapse. Journalists don’t know what is news and humanity don’t know what is interesting. Humanity are dying deceived deceiving because are not honest impossibility possible miracle God. For God’s sake, wake up from the nightmare of living a lie. The debate between religious people and atheists is encysted because God exists as irrefutable as a mathematical truth and religion is a lie. Both are wrong having arguments to be right. If everything needed to be created or be dependent nothing would exist. I would not exist if God didn’t exist. Atheists brag about the rationality they don’t have while believing lie after lie shamelessly. What are the evidence that the brain disease of addiction exists? Addiction is the psychology of a liar, impossibility possible miracle God.

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